Suggestion for Cleric's healing in Re:Build


My suggestion is this:

  1. Cleric’s Heal becomes aoe just like Mass Heal, but the healing factor remains the same as pre-rebuild, which will not overpower than Mass Heal.
  2. Priest’s Mass Heal remains the same but now it has extra healing over time effect like the Recovery skill in Paladin class, healing factor will not overpower than Tree Of Sephiroth in Kabbalist class.
  3. Kabbalist’s Tree Of Sephiroth skill is the most powerful healing skill in Cleric’s tree, can massively heal all party members and also provide HP recovery, but it has long cooldown weakness, consider as healing nuke skill.

Other healing skills which is not in here should remain unchanged.

Developers should not have to be headache for overthinking the way of healing, and please don’t put the targeting heal it sucks anyway. Thank you.


remove cd and OH and heal is fine. Cleric will stay as a healing slave.

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