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Spell damage formula. Is this right?

From what I’ve been reading digging into how spell damage is calculated:

Spell Damage + Atk from items - Enemy defense/resists + Element Bonus

There are other random modifiers that effect some spells and not others. But, that seems to be the core of the formula.

If the above is indeed correct the relationship between points you put into a spell and gear you wear isn’t multiplicative at all? Increasing your attack from equipment won’t impact your spells base damage and vice versa. Which basically means the two have no effect on each other. Is that right? Or am I missing something?

Use this:

Ignoring defenses, elemental attack,%enhance attributes, and more, basically for magic spells:

Magic attacks: base skill damage + your magical attack
1 int = +1 magic attack
Weapon = +… magic attack

Right. So, seeing as base damage and magic attack have no multiplicative effect on each other and magic attack will end up far and away the higher of the two… Does base damage even matter?

They are not multiplicative, yes. So if base skill damage(what is written in skill description is 150 and your matk is 2000 then this 150 almost have no value, so for low rank skills it is not important. But for some r8 skills base damage is like 5-10k, so it is significant.
The most important thing about this stuff is how attributes, skill buffs(quickcast and agni work), and pvp reductions.
Formula is
damage=(skilldmg+matk/atk+eleatk-mdef/def-resistance) * attibutes * (agni+quickcast)
so if you have agni necklace(2-3x damage for some fire skills) attribute and 3000(skilldmg+matk+ele) against 3000mdef mob you will still deal 1 damage.

Ok, cool. Makes more sense why people are cool with taking only 1 rank in stuff like Pyro and Kino. So, what is the average total magic attack from gear at max level?

Dont really get why you mentioned Kino here. It is not damage class at all(PP deals some damage still), this is the best CC class at rank2-3.
It is like 800-1000damage highest lvl weapon, but there is such thing called Transcendence(read guide), so you can make it 6.5x damage=5500… but realistically - up to 1500atk/matk, if not invest unlimited resources and rmt.

1500 is just the weapon or all gear combined?