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Sooo a 24 hrs notice of a 24 hr downtime

Yea…how about a bit longer of a notice guys, that would be much appreciated. Like a 3 day notice the very least.

Really? They post it like *24hrs before the maintenance. How much would it change?

EDIT: Ah, made a small mistake because of time difference confusion.

Why the heck you people only pay attention to other sections beside the announcements section?

Because thats important news and the last 24 downtime they gave a longer heads up? Plus it should be on the front page like all the other server information has also posted? Duh…

Yeah it’s a little strange how ‘Announcements’, ‘Patch Notes’ and ‘Maintenance’ are split up. The fact that sometimes info is posted in one section that also covers another section makes it all the more confusing. For example, you often see patch notes fused with maintenance and they might appear in either section depending on where the staff posts it.

Honestly they should just do away with those subsections and integrate it properly.