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Soloing CM for the unskilled: A Cleric Guide

Hello, your skill distribution is fine but i would only leave 1 point in vashita, and put the remaining points into astral body explosion instead :slight_smile:

Your levelling order is completely fine as well. However, note that Sadhu only becomes a class at class lv 31, while druid’s human transformation only unlocks at 350 iirc. You can thus consider going PD-Sadhu-Druid too, but your version works fine too if you’re planning to do more healing in cm parties.

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How often do you have to return to town for repairing?
Me: 1 at end of 4, 1 at end of 5.

you’re dps is low for mobs to keep hitting you or you have downtime on your skills. i have 2 clerics that can solo cm5, one usually gets red at cm5.

Depending on the map, I might have to go back for repairs once at end of CM6. In easier maps like balti, no repairs necessary through 1-7, but on some maps like baryn87 i sometimes have to go back at end of CM5.

I’ve encountered a bug where the stage up portal disappears when i go for repairs though, not sure if it’s fixed.

I agree with jonrook49, you can readjust your classes to get more dps/uptime on your skills :slight_smile:

Another thing to note is also to choose more open spots which lets you kite during skill downtime. Crowded spots at e.g. spelltome easily destroys durability as you’re forced to facetank the mobs.

(How do i quote a video lol) @alex_rivera_a

Is that Paladin/Priest/Inq? Nice video haha I have issues with using inq as my sole damage class at higher CMs, since breaking wheel stops killing mobs properly which means less CD reduction. Any way you got around that?

Max lvl wheel, Max atribute wheel

What’s the best investment for that 52 stat points for Druid/PD/Sadhu, CON?