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Silute is broken

Infinite Queues (“receiving information”)

Constantly dc from guild/party chat, making it so annoying to do parties etc

non-stop crashes that make you get back to your lobby for NO REASON

And some other bugs in case these arent good enough to you guys take any action…

Please, leveling is already hard, and its getting harder as we cant even play the game properly!


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Constant problems with Chats, game kicking you to the lobby, not being able to enter Automatch instances (Cms, Dungeons, etc)

Problems with controllers after 64 bit patch. Normally I played with Ps4 controller, had to download DS4 to play yesterday just to find out that today that didn’t work and had to find another way to play with a controller.

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I did that yesterday, and did work for a while, but today gave me problems again, so had to download a different configuration for my ps4 controller to fix it

ahh ic, so its a case-by-case basis.


do something fast imc we need to up

same situation with Fedimian, it getting worse by the hour

Unfortunately here they will not do anything, just send tons and tons os ticket reporting the problem and pray that they could fix these problems before next maintenance




It is a fragile situation for the server. It seems as if we are still in a trial period of the game where there is still a lot to fix. Five years and the game does not show a standard of stability and confidence.

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Hello Saviors,

Kindly submit a support ticket with the details of the matter for further investigation.

Well this was expected considering the tremendous amount of changes during this week’s patch. We’ll just have to hope all the issues get addressed quickly, but don’t expect anything serious before next maintenance. For the time being, just respec your chars and do your weeklies, it should be enough to keep you busy till next maintenance.

What? You literally here, seeing whats happening, theres a bunch of people confirming that Silute (and possibly every other server) is having lag problems, so cmon, save us some time sending tickets to your robots and HELP US!

This is from now: Me, floating on warp animation for like 5 minutes:

really? Just login in iToS for one minute and your saw the issues. for That we don’t need send a ticket if you play your own game a less

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Look this post, and many others in the forum, WE REALLY NEED TO WASTE OUR TIME TALKING WITH ROBOTS??? LOL


still nothing?

Nothing is matter to IMC this is a problem that they have to fixed but no. Nothing was made until this post and the problem continues.

Please imc try to solution this,

Guys… Silute still broken :confused: