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Servers Names? How many?

With just few hours before the opening we still don’t have information about how many and which names the servers are going to be and have.

Could you tell us, IMC Games?

Thanks. :smiley:


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Please IMC read and answer this! It’s important for Guilds to decide and pass info forward to their members!

Thanks for post Cleber

Flip all IMC’s tables until it’s happen!!

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True Story. We need 2 knwo this.

It’s hard to “strategy” with friends or guild in wich server we will play, when we don’t even know the name.

Bah, didn’t work that well copy+pasted. =/
Another picture then…


it must b very late in korea now , will they give any update now ?

To which region will be dedicated each one of them?

Music! roll-out!! :open_mouth:


Holy ■■■■!! it’s actually rolling!! :open_mouth:

hey guy there is a thread from @Staff_Julie about the servers, i think is a good place to wait for those answers.
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