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Server Transfering

I was wondering when are they going to offer a free server transfer for the people who bought the exclusive access since they have said a while ago?

The transfer already happened just before they opened the F2P…

What? So I’ve missed it, huh?

Here are the update with the transfer depending on your server:

I am sorry for you :confused:

READ the announcement.

There’s supposed to be a transfer 3 weeks after " they opened the F2P ".

The transfer that you said “already happened” was another thing.

From the link you posted. Population of the game is rather low, they will not open “new worlds” (To understand new server).
So there won’t be a transfer.

Edit: Unless you’re talking about the SEA servers since one was added later but I read somewhere (I need to found the post) that they don’t have plan to transfer account between the SEA servers.


Population was high.
They opened Varena (new world). At the same time " they opened the F2P ".

“Was”. It isn’t anymore, why would they open new server?

In any case, just ask the staff. @STAFF_Max @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_John

This post is not about opening new server.

It’s about the transfer that was promised. To new server that opened at the same time as " they opened the F2P ".

Well, from the link you posted, it is about a transfer from the current server to the new ones. Thing is, there are no new servers. i.e: No transfer.

[quote]As we have previously announced, we are planning on creating new worlds if there is a sufficient influx of new players when the game releases to the mass public.

However, we will not be creating new worlds immediately upon release. We are planning on opening them gradually in accordance to the influx of new players.

We are aware that the number of players per world is extremely important to an MMORPG and do not want the population divided. Players on the Founder’s servers may feel like they are being penalized if the new worlds are immediately opened and all the new players go to those servers.

We will be offering 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access.[/quote]

And the more important:

But hey, I can be wrong, just wait the staff reply.

The announcement / link was posted BEFORE " they opened the F2P ".

and when “they opened the F2P” they did open a new server (Varena).

So yes there from that standpoint was a new server, there should be a transfer.

I was looking for the topic but I can’t find it. Welp. We need the staff reply, that’s all.

There won’t be a staff reply. It’s been forever since that “3 weeks”.

They act like this issue doesn’t exist.

If they decide there won’t be a transfer I can live with that.

But I don’t like people saying the transfer already happened while in fact it’s a different transfer that we were promised.