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Server offline my 3-may 4

Hi to all…i want to know if the feridimian server are open and will be close tonight at 1:00 or is already close and will be online at 1:00 tonight
Thank you :slight_smile:

to make it simpler…

you’ll have to manage the conversion on your own, from EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) to whatever local time for you is. since, you know, we have no way of knowing it, and you didn’t actually give us that information.


I think we need to make the announcements and news larger with more bold, maybe some underlines. Ooo and flashing seizure text, then maybe people will read it… if they don’t have epilepsy.

1st login attempt: “maintenance. please check the forums.”

2nd login attempt within 1 hour: randomly deletes a character.

see how fast THAT gets peoples’ attention…

Yea but then they will just be on the forum asking the staff to restore the characters.

Look at all the people begging for pet restores and when you try to delete a pet you get a giant flashing red box that asks “Are you sure you want to delete?”

$5 “i’m too stupid and got my character deleted” fee.

hell, they’d have paid off the development costs in a week i bet :smiley:

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I m from Europe…tonight i want to play…could i?

check the times. do the time-zone conversion.