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Server Location

After reading a little bit about latency and stuff, i wondered.
Is Fedimian Server physically located in Europe? I do not know if it is a bad internet connection or wlan, but i too feel that relatively often you can see some slight delays between inputs and actions on screen.
So does anyone know where the server is located? If maybe, with the server still in the USA, they plan on moving them?

edited because I am a bit blind

I am not sure if they actually moved the servers yet tho, as it was originally located in the US.

Fedimian is located in Frankfurt. You can test your ping with the IP;


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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
So one can guess the lags happened due to too many people or to bad wlan, because my ping actually was 28ms, what seemed pretty nice.

Afaik server still physically in US they haven’t move yet

reed the news answers are given long time ago

still in US, server relocation will happen 2am gmt tomorrow for 7 hours

Has EU server been moved already? I’m still getting 300+ pings in game.

I have like 200-300ms or so and I’m playing from Europe, everything I do has a 1-3 seconds delay it’s getting really frustrating at higher levels.

I think they lied to us, maybe they put EU servea is SEA and SEA in EU?
Dunno the reason my ping also jumps from 90 to 300 in game and I have lag spikes still.
My ping should be around 50… what is happening IMC?

The server hasn’t moved yet, they aim to move it by the end of 3rd week of may