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Self publishing a game is not self funding

I feel like many in here don’t remember but IMC asked the community if they should self publish or find a publisher. And the majority voted with self publish.

So what did you expect? It feels like 90% of the cry babies have no idea how the world works. Things cost money. An MMO launch even costs A LOT of money.
In while for you 50$ already seems to be a lot of money i need to be specific: we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars here. At minimum.

Lets imagine they would just launch open beta without any payment like many in here want:
The game will get traction really quick outside this forum if it gets a steam storefront post because it has nice visuals and will be sold as a successor to RO. Considering 150k already showed interest the international beta (which was only announced on the ToS homepage with many steam players don’t even knowing about it) i am 100% sure you can easily x10 these 150k. So i am assuming we are looking at 1,5 million unique players in the first week or two.
And that is still at the lower end imo. This is not long term players, many will leave but still they need to be prepared for the initial wave.
Do any of you have the slightest idea how much servers and especially traffic will cost them for 1,5 million players? It is alot.
On top of that they need staff. Community managers, support, GMs and all of them for different languages since this is international and many people don’t speak good english. And staff costs money, too.
And all this needs time too. especially to pick and train staff, but you can only do that once you got some money in advance.

So how are they ever going to come up with all this on their own without a publisher? Founders.
They will get money from the get go. Money they can work with. No need to wait for the f2p to slowly kick in. Money to pay the server bills, money to hire people. Money to build the service all of you expect at open beta.
It also gives them time. The will start with a smaller group 3 months early.
They will have a good idea of the scope of players and know that everyone joining in at this phase already did pay their own “weight” in advance. Don’t need that much server capacity and staff to beginn with and then slowly build it up each month when new players and money kicks in. It gives them something to calculate and work with. A save business plan. Something each company should have.

You all voted for the self publish. The founders programm is one of the best solutions to the problems connected to it. So now i ask you all to man up and deal with your own decision and the consequences. Like adults do.
That does not mean, that noone can try to post alternative solutions that actually work, but NON of the posts in here have that. They all forget one or even two parts of the equasion.

oh man exactly - i love the support topic cause i know in EVERY single forum people bash and complain about a companies support “their bad english” “their laziness” “their inability to reply to their tickets” etc etc etc

people forget about this - no lets call IMC a greedy company - when in relatity all they need is the communities support to get this stuff rolling - and i am not talking about the chatting on forums - thats the least support you contribute - talking about the flow of money - no money = no game // no money = bad supporter = unhappy people = rage quitter and bad mouther // funny that its most of the people people who never spend a dime - but always the first to complain “hey the support is ■■■■ hey you give only stuff to paying user hey you guys are so bad the game could be alot better without you” AND THEY DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEYRE TALKING ABOUT - they got no effing clue xDDD they dont even think about how demanding their money is to keep the game alive and offer a stable support platform

i guess IMC just made a post when i did.

But my points are still valid. we should all vote for option 2 or even 3 because the 1 week EA is not solving any problems at all.

Nothing at all would change if they just opened the game for everyone. In fact, it would even earn them more, if every players that’s buying the founder’s pack now is really all about just supporting the game.

Those willing to pay 50 bucks can still spend it in the cash shop. On top of that, players that don’t have 50 bucks but still have some money would pay for some things from cash shop that they want.

In addition, if ran a kickstarter, they could raise more money even selling anything, pure donations. People WOULD chip in.

So many better options.

it changes the initial investment and staff needed.

If you go from 0 to 100 you need all the servers, all the staff and that is alot of money in advance, which they obviously (their news post basically said that in a polite way) dont have. Going step by step needs less investment up front.
So you again seem to miss the whole picture.

This asshat should be banned, please everyone flag him for spams. He spams this on every other post, and im not sure what he is trying to achieve.

Whether he created the picture himself or not, or whoever the person is, obviously isnt helping the community.

And what this person is trying to do is fan all the flame.

Please, positivity people, stop all these nonsense like now.

The rest of us want to play the game. Soon i have a feeling IMC may feel, why bother, close down the site, close the game, let them eat their own ■■■■. We dont want to host the game anymore since you people dont want it.

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chill IMC already listened to us. the community is voting at the moment.