Tree of Savior

[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


Hi there Leknaat,

Would you adding me in discord? My username is PrimeMinister#6693, i’ll share with you more details from there.




I have add you in discord.


teamname: konoyuuki
lvl and calss: not important :stuck_out_tongue:
reason to pick me: i’m a son of kuromichiru and mushoten :smiley:
hope to see my mom/dad soon :v


It’s ok I’ll bring you to see your mom and… So much more. Don’t worry :wink:


did my dad still being around my lovely mom? or he(she) had stalked another…


gaman reply plz == u are not leaving ur member’s kid outside right T.T


he has stalked another :frowning:you should probably find a new and mom


i love my mom so much so i wo’t leave her,can u be my new dad gaman :smiley:


Team Name: Reyvateile
Character Level (Highest): 133 (a1>r1>sap2>rog1 going -> sap3>musk2)
Active Period: Monday - Saturday 9am to 2pm, Sundays vary
Why you should pick me to join: I’m a NEET lasting for 2.5 more months, guaranteed servitude 'til then
Position Applying: Newbie


Hey there Reyvateile!

Sorry for the delay in response, currently do you have discord so we could communicate a little bit more? We definitely welcome Neets! :smile:

My discord ID is PrimeMinister#6693




Team Name: JiaoZi88
Character Level (Highest): 298 (Swordsman 2, Hoplite 3, Doppel 1, Dragoon 2)
Active Period: Weekday around 7pm to 11pm
Why you should pick me to join : Play alone till now and hope to join in a community. Also looking for dungeon and ET party.
Position Applying: Normal

My Discord : JiaoZi#8855


Hi Jiaozi!

That’s great! We’d definitely love to see new faces come on board as well. However I can’t seem to add you on discord, would you mind adding me instead? My Discord ID is PrimeMinister#6693




Hello everyone,

I have decided to step down as the guild leader for the time being due to lack of motivation for playing Tree of Savior, as a result I may/may not have someone new to replace as the guild leader.

Therefore all recruitments will be frozen till then. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.




I want to queue until its open for recruitment. :female_detective:
come back pls GAMINENCE


Hi everyone!

I’d like to formally announce that Ryankodz will be my successor for Eminence. Ryan has been with us for a very long time and help us out from start till the end and I believe with his passion, he will bring Eminence to new heights which therefore we have decided to reopen the recruitment for Eminence!

Feel free to apply in this forum or directly adding Ryan in his discord. (Recommended approach)

His discord ID is: ryankodz#5558 we hope to see some new faces soon!



Team Name: Kasamatsu
Character Level (Highest): 280 Taoist (Cleric 2 - Priest 3 - Chaplain - Miko - Taoist)
Active Period: Weekdays - 8PM - 12AM +8 GMT, Weekend - Anytime
Why you should pick me to join: ET Party, finally socialize with people…
Position Applying: Normal

Discord: burn_x#8589


Still open for new recruit?

Team name: babou
Chara level: 330 cryro chorno enchanter, 330 cleric2 priest3 chaplain monk inqui
active period: 4pm - 12 am
why you should pick me to join: i am looking for people to play with, like group hunting for item/boss
position applying: normal

discord: casual#3656




i am new 2 tos n i heard legends abt lord n savor GAMAN

can join ?? thx


Sorry it’s not allowed for you to join :haha:, only non cult members are allowed :haha:

In any case, we will have a special announcement soon!