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[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence | We're Recruiting!


Added you through discord!


Team Name: CityBlade
Character Level (Highest): 288
Active Period: 6AM - 12PM during Monday-Saturday, anytime on sundays
Why you should pick me to join: Because I am a fun player which is very willing to play in a team environment
Position Applying: Normal

If the guild is currently full, I am more than willing to wait in line.


Update: Changed character level and Position Applying.


Hi CityBlade!

Thank you for your interest in Eminence! Unfortunately as you can see we are a bit in shortage of slots as of now. However I’ll take note of your application and place you on the waiting list. I cant guarantee when we will be having empty slots, however kTOS has released a new patch that increases all guild capacity close to tripling our current slots at the moment. If that’s able to come then we will be able to accommodate more people but we can’t say for sure when that would be.

However if you have any questions that you’d like to ask at all while you’re in game, feel free to whisper me anytime and I’ll help you out as much as I can.




Team Name: gLycerin
Character Level (Highest): 247
Active Period: Everyday
Why you should pick me to join: Hmm, talked to you guys earlier and you said that i should post on your thread. ahaha
Position Applying: Newbie


Hi gLycerin!

Thank you for your interest in Eminence! Unfortunately, due to space constraints we may not be able to fit you in at this point of time and therefore might have to place you on the waiting list. I cannot guarantee when we will have our next slot as all of us currently are active as of this point.

Do let me know if you do not wish to wait any longer.




I’ll wait, just message me if you have slot. :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone!

with the latest patch news of the guild update, we’re officially recruiting once more! We estimate that we have a total of 49 slots that will be vacant tomorrow!

@ron.cabutaje please do add me in discord at PrimeMinister#6693 for more details.




Our 1 year anniversary is coming soon, this time our miniblog featuring one of our newbies who joined the guild when he was only 3 days old at level 90ish but stunned us when he became level 330 within 2 weeks with the help and guidance of the guild!

It’s been an exciting year, but i’m proud to say that we’ve managed to survive throughout the year and this couldn’t have been done if it wasn’t with the help of the entire guild. Stay tuned to our anniversary soon! :smiley:

not to forget our fantastic spintastic adventures in the guild events! Click on the image below to see how our usual runs normally go :smile:


Team name:boroquework
Lvl : 324 mergen
Playing time : 4hrs or more per day
Reason : lonely nid some love from community


Hi there @genesis5063!

We can share with you our love no worries! But before I can share my love, would you mind adding me in discord? My ID is PrimeMinister#6693

I look forward to hearing from you!




Team Name: solitarian
Character Level (Highest): 317 hackapell
Active Period: everyday
Why you should pick me to join: Played with my_juls earlier and he recommended me to apply to join this guild. casual player who plays everyday. clearing dailies.
Position Applying: Normal


Hi there Solitarian!

Thank you for your interest in Eminence! Glad to see another hakkapelle so we can remove the current one :smiley:

Anyway would you mind adding me in discord? My username is PrimeMinister#6693




yup! added you haha!
Thanks! nvr used discord before so kinda new at it


Team Name: TiltedManBearPig
Character level: 280 Swordsman 1 Pelt 1 Hop 3 Shinobi 1 Dragoon 1
active period: everyday at night
why u should pick me: Very active and still relatively new and is excited to meet other players who love the game as well :smiley:


Team Name: Minoria
Character Level: 274 Archer 3 Scout 3 Musket 1 Appraiser
Active period: Night
Why u should pick me: Toilet scooter


Hi there @tiramisu_kong!

That’s great! we definitely would like to meet you too! do you mind adding me in discord so we can discuss more details? My username is PrimeMinister#6693 :smiley:






Team Name: Immortal1ty
Character Level (Highest): 276
Active Period: almost 24/7
Why you should pick me to join: Active and willing to learn more
Position Applying: Newbie


Team Name: RelianceLancer
Character Level (Highest): 43
Active Period:Around 3 hours , can be more if needed.
Why you should pick me to join: Because i’m willing to learn and adapt to provide the best i’m able to the guild. Other than that , i’m good at math :D.
Position Applying: Newbie


Team Name: MushoTen
Character Level: 320 Kebab
Active period: moody
Why u should pick me: don’t make me post more memes :lul:


Hi there Reliance,

As you’ve added me in discord, I’ll share with some of the details there,