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[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence Lv.19 | We're Recruiting!

Team Name: Caturday
Character Level (Highest: 130 Corsair
Active Period: Daily on 11PM-2PM EDT
Pick me because I don’t know. I never win anything on pick me challenge but still pick me because I love making frens :smiley:

Team Name: Cereal-Killers
Character Level (Highest): 150 Diev
Active Period: 3+ hrs daily
Why you should pick me to join: Because I need help in my quest to rid the world of cereal. :stuck_out_tongue:

team name: Bizzare
character level: 225 archer 2 ranger 3 falc 1 cannon 1
active period: 5 hours every night
why u should pick me: veteran mmo player ere looking for a hardcore guild… =)

Hi could I join your guild if not in our waiting list.

Team Name: Starsfury
Character Level:, 202 A3 SC3, 145 A2 QS3
Active period: 6+hours daily
Why should you pick me: I enjoy play with people and am a very experienced mmo player since 2005.

Team Name: Doragoon
Character Level (Highest): 105 hoplite
Active Period: Daily mostly around 5pm gmt+8 till late
Why you should pick me to join: i’m lonely, when i need help no one is around except bots LOL.


Frankly i’m the same as well that’s why i figured, why not i force myself to get chosen by becoming a templar :smiley: that way I’d definitely will get picked :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, i’ve added you into the waiting list! Hope you’ll get in cheers!


Hi there Bizzare, we may not be the hardcore guild that you may want though, we’re mainly casual players aiming for PvE domination and also have a few great laughs and jokes in the end. PvP isn’t really our focus (for now).

please let me know if you’re still interested in joining nevertheless.


Hi there Starsfury, I’ve added you into the waiting list for now. It’s great to know you’re active daily, but if we do add you please make sure to communicate with us as much as possible :stuck_out_tongue: We’re hoping that we can create as many tightly knitted bonds as we go!


Hi there Doragoon! What I can guarantee you is that our guild… does not have bots so you don’t need to worry about that. Though we do have one member that’s called qwerty… his name might sound like a bot but he isn’t. (or maybe he is? :fearful:)

Anyway i’ve added you to the waiting list for the moment cheers!


It might be a problem if you and @yungsheng.loh join though… i noticed one of you wants to rid of the world of Cereals, while another is called KhorneFlakes! Who will triumph!?


To everyone that is applying to join the guild.

You may be wondering why am i currently filling up the waiting list at the moment and not accepting anyone in, the reason behind this is because we are currently trying to retrieve our old members back into the guild. We will officially start recruitment on this Friday after 10pm. This is to allow time for them to come back to the guild and if the time has passed, the slots will be given to the rest to team. Therefore, i only ask that you remain a little bit more patient while we get back our old members as they are the priority within the guild.


@ToiletMaster Aye sir! Hope to hear you soon!

Team Name: Silverspell

Character Level (Highest): 121 ele

Active Period: usually past 1030pm, almost everyday

Why you should pick me to join: I’m very talkative. Very. I take pleasure in helping people out in the best way I can as long as I’m not busy. I used to game a lot but now that I’m about to finish my studies I only play this game and dota 2 casually, just to vent out the stress. Also, I’m a stickler for rules, as I used to handle a very big guild in another mmo back then, and I know the plight of those in charge when people don’t follow them. So yeah I hope I get accepted eventually when the guild slots open up.

Oh and I don’t like french fries, but I like hash brown. Weird I know. Totally unrelated but yeah. :slight_smile:

yea… would still like to join. kinda getting lonely playing alone. add me up…

Team name: Cruxifixion
Main: bokor

Why should you include me into the guild:

Im going into oracle, so im like a unicorn and im quite sociable and fun to chat with. Usually active after work at night.

That’s a nice post OP, props on the effort :+1:

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i actually mean bot in world map not in the guild = =

Team Name: Nookie82
Character Level (Highest): 105 (Babarian)
Active Period: SG time 8pm - 2am weekdays , weekends all day long
Why you should pick me to join: Its lonely playing alone, and having a guild to chat and complete stuff together is what playing an MMO is about

Team Name: Lestr
Character Level (Highest): 163 (Fletcher)
Active Period: 8pm - 12am(Sunday - Friday), whole day(Saturday)
Why you should pick me to join: Why not?


Hi Silverspell, It’s great to know that you take pleasure in helping people in the best of your abilities! The community definitely needs one here as well! I definitely do hope that you’ll get shortlisted as well as the recruitment slots open tonight! As of now i’ve added you into the waiting list!


Duly noted, thanks! i’ll notify you if you get shortlisted, cheers!


Hmmm, do you spew rainbows while flying across like a unicorn? haha that would be really awesome! I’ve added you into the waiting list as well. Cheers!


Thank you so much for your compliment! I’m definitely flattered by it! Your website is more amazing though! Props to you on your website! :smiley:


Haha no worries, i initially meant is as a joke to mention that non of the guild members were botting.


Yes, i do understand that frustration, unfortuantely with the whisper bug currently, it is difficult to socialize with friends at all at times. Though whispers are able to connect with more than one people, making sure it’s not bugged and the other party hears you is another challenge. I’ve added you to the list in the waiting list, cheers!


Definitely why not!? I’ve added you into the waiting list!

##Notice to everyone applying for the guild

please note that we will be starting our recruitment process tonight! Here are some points to note upon being shortlisted.

If you have been shortlisted to join the guild, you would be notified via a whisper from myself with details of being shortlisted etc. Most likely I may ask a few more questions just to know a little bit about you further and also what kind of creatures members we have in the guild and points to be taken note of.

Here are some questions that you may ask upon receiving the shortlisting outcome.

Frequently Asked Recruitment Questions

Q: What happens if I’m not online tonight upon being shortlisted/whispered?
A: We will hold onto your slot for 1 day. However if we do not receive any reply back from you upon 24 hours, we will release it to the next shortlisted member.

Q: I thought you mentioned there are whisper bugs? What if I don’t receive it?
A: Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do either, what I may offer is upon shortlisted and not receiving a reply, i would then announce it within this forum or updating the first post. Be sure to check it out! As i understand the forums aren’t available always, there isn’t any other method aside from PMing myself directly.

Q: Are there any Officers/Vices that will be PMing me in order to join?
A: No, as of now, I have not elected any recruitment officers. I will be PMing you directly. However in the event where the whisper bugs occur, I will then get assistance from the guild to PM you if my whisper doesn’t go through.

Please note nobody will ever ask you to give an item or any other fees to join the guild. Ensure that the username that PMed is you is verified.

Q: I’ve just applied but I’m at the bottom of the waiting list, does this mean I’ll most likely not get recruited?
A: Firstly, the waiting list does not go by order. Therefore, someone waiting at the bottom of the list may get recruited by the following aspects.

  • Social Behaviour
  • Class
  • Activeness (Quite subjective)
  • Level

Q: How long before I know that I will get shortlisted by the Guild?
A: As of now, unfortuantely I will not be able to answer that. This really depends on the points above if there are slots available.

Team Name: Surfer
Character Level (Highest): 191 (Priest)
Active Period: 4pm - 2am(Sunday - Friday)
Why you should pick me to join:
Well, I am not a begger, I am not a scammer, Neither am I a botter. Just want to help out, not looking for help. =p


Hi Surfer! thank you for your interest in Eminence! I’ve added you to the waiting list. As of now i’m compiling everyone’s application and will be processing the applications by 10pm onwards.

If you have any questions about the recruitment feel free to read the first post for information.


thanks Mr. Toilet.

I hope you get all your member back as before your guild was being disbanded due to error. As for me, if there are extra slot then u add me. Still your old most loyal member come first. i can understand.

Just do the best for your guild, don’t worry about me if no slot. =p

Hope you enjoy and everything is fine on your side.

Thanks for the reply! but no worries, apparently it seems that some members did not came back at all, i’m not sure if anything happened though, but i definitely have some slots that needs filling up! will be pming the shortlisted ones soon enough! :slight_smile:

Team Name: Piklet
Character Level (Highest): 212 (Monk)
Active Period:

  • Weekdays - SG time starting 6pm , depending on school work , i might have to log off earlier.

  • Weekends - Always. I’m a loser, so i stay home during the weekends.

Why you should pick me to join: I’ve always wanted a guild , but i’m worried that i’ll just get discriminated because I’m weak (weak items, very inconsistent job path) and i’m from a 3rd world country. I might not be helpful in pvp , but i’ll do my best to help in pve.