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[SEA - Telsiai] Eminence Lv.19 | We're Recruiting!

Hi GengLanun!

Thank you for your interest in Eminence! Do you mind adding me in Discord? And from there I’ll provide you more details from there.

Hope to see you in the parteh!



Hello everyone! just to update we are currently full at the moment. Thank you very everyone’s interest in Eminence!

Do watch out in the future when we’re recruiting once more, cheers!

Hi there everyone!

We have 1 final slot to be filled in the guild. If you’re interested in joining us, please feel free to apply or add me in discord at PrimeMinister#6693.

I look forward to seeing you here!



Team Name: Nolram

Character Level: 315 Cleric2>priest1>paladin3>PD>Inquisitor

active period: 5-10 Hours Per Day

Why should you pick me:

i can contribute in your guild
im always available
i want to have a place like home in tree of savior
i am loyal in the guild
my first Ever Guild to join :slight_smile:

Hi there Nolram!

Thank you very much for your interest in Eminence! Would you mind adding me in Discord? My username is PrimeMinister#6693

Thank you!


Hello Everyone!

First and foremost, for those who have attended the event last weekend on the 21st, I would like to sincerely thank you all for joining in! I have also been asked to provide a report on what happened on the event as well to share with what happened on that day! Here’s what happened on on that time :smiley:

This idea was originally was only a concept to work upon, however with the support of multiple Templars, this concept became a reality and it ended successfully. It couldn’t have been done without the great support of these individuals which I’ll mention down below.

There were a total of 6 events that players would need to do. Additionally each event would then be given a passcode to ensure that nobody was cheating! :wink: Once they have completed the event, they would then be provided the next clue on where the next event is held!

Here’s a rundown of how the event started off. (can you spot [GM] Grape inside the picture?)

on 8am server time, we then announced the first clue which was…

This event was held by Redfield90 from Pendekar, players would need to locate him on top of Zeraha’s statue. The challenge this time was that he would say that he loved to farm. Therefore, players whispering any type of seeds such as Dilgele Seeds, Seedmia Seeds etc would pass and get the next clue to the event together with a password.

Once players have successfully passed the event, the next clue given was

This event was held by Natsueki from Deity. First, players would need to look for him where we’ve hidden him at a very special location in Demon Prison District 5 where the seal of space comes into play. Once you’re there, he would then tell you that he would only give you the clue if you were overweight. Once you became overweight, you would then automatically receive the next clue.

(some players were really smart to use the premium scroll to teleport back so that they don’t need to walk back all 5 floors, great job there!)

Once they completed this event, the next clue given was

This event was held by Femfem from Vril located in Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge. Monkey see, Monkey Do, this was the challenge where Femfem displayed a few emoticons and the players would need to follow what he did! If monkey sees and does what Femfem does, they get rewarded with the next clue! So it’s a good time to remember what emoticons are there in ToS!

The next clue given was

a very spooky place held by DarkShroud from Aurum. There are 2 challenges in this area, DarkShroud was located at the far end of the Guard’s Graveyard. You will not be able to directly head there without killing some monsters there! and once you meet him, he’ll present you with a trivia question of how much does total movement speed do you get from a level 15 Trot with a base movement speed of 20. The answer is of course 40! :smiley:

Upon finishing here, the next clue they received was…

All beginnings have an end, the place we begin, Orsha, is also the place we’ll end the event! Yosemite from NightOwls took the scene here he hid in a very discreet location and asked for…

“whisper me one minahang tepla to proceed to the next event”

The answer was Hanaming Petal and players who whispered him received the next and final clue!

The final clue this time was more a memory test :wink:

Players would then have to finally come and look for me back in Orsha, where i would then require all 5 passcodes from each and every event.

The passcodes in order of each event were,

  • Kannushi
  • Unstable Cube
  • Genius
  • Potato
  • YosemiteFalls

and upon confirming that they have done all events, the final question would then be presented where players would need to remember the names of the guild that gave them the challenge in Order!

The answer for this question is…

  • Pendekar
  • Deity
  • Vril
  • Aurum
  • NightOwls
  • Eminence

And the player that won this event was L0rdGaben from MegaloManiac! The Grand prize was from us templars directly. This was a prize collaboration between all templars.

The winner has won the following items.

  • 15 Blessed Shards
  • 2 Atrilonium
  • 1 Karacha Dagger
  • 1 Penguin Headgear
  • 1 Cupcake ( Magic Amp, Matk Stats)
  • 1 Uska TP Costume (Male)

and lastly, this event couldn’t have been done without the following Templars! A big shoutout to GM Grape for attending too!

On a side note, GM Grapes has told me that in the future to look for the staff for these events to help out as well, I hope that we’re able to work together in the future to bring fun and great events for everyone!

Feel free to add in any ideas if you have in mind!


PrimeMinister - Eminence


Thanks for organizing the event! Looking forward to more fun events with everyone. :smiley:

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Cheers to more events like this! :slight_smile:

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Cheers to this great event! It cou;dn’t have been successful without you guys :smiley:

let’s make an even better one in the coming future :smiley:

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Hello everyone!

I’m here to help Promote 2 of our guildies of who have submitted their artwork for Valentine’s day! Do support them for the marvelous artwork!



I wish everyone good luck for the contest :smiley:

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Also not to forget our fellow @Ynirie

Good luck!

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yo prime , long time no see dude.:kissing_closed_eyes:

Yo Ohm! It’s been ages haha are you still playing the game at the moment?

yeah , i was a casual player back then…
now even more casually xD

Haha the main point is having fun at the game as ultimately that’s why we are all here , doesn’t matter if you’re casual or not :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi there Everyone!

just to highlight that we currently have 2 slots available! if you’re interested in joining in the party, do feel free to apply below!



Team Name: Ottman
Character Level (Highest): 201
Active Period: 3-5 hours a day preferably at night
Why you should pick me to join: Would be nice to have active guild to so we’ve been dual online with my friends ELR ( who applied to the guild aswell ) and wants a guild to pve

Team Name: ELR
Character Level (Highest): 200
Active Period: 3-5 hours a day preferably at night
Why you should pick me to join: lWould be nice to have active guild to so we’ve been dual online with my friends Ottman ( who applied to the guild aswell ) and wants a guild to pve

Hi there, @syauqielrahman2!

Thank you all both for applying! Would you mind adding me in discord so I can provide you more details?

My username is PrimeMinister#6693.



Thanks for your respond. I’ve added you in Discord