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[SEA] Dont you think we should have early access on Varena Server?

since we bought early access DLC, why we have to get crowd with swarm of f2p player.
at least give us 2-3 days early to Verena server.

Did you get to play on any of the other iServers?

becuase IMC does not like to “divide” the population but obviously it is already divided

why? server transfer will be available from founder servers to f2p servers

do you sure about transfer server?

As we have previously announced, we are planning on creating new worlds if there is a sufficient influx of new players when the game releases to the mass public.

However, we will not be creating new worlds immediately upon release. We are planning on opening them gradually in accordance to the influx of new players.

We are aware that the number of players per world is extremely important to an MMORPG and do not want the population divided. Players on the Founder’s servers may feel like they are being penalized if the new worlds are immediately opened and all the new players go to those servers.

We will be offering 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access.
Only 1 Team transfer per Steam account will be allowed regardless of the number of products purchased.

We will be taking requests from those who would like to make a Team transfer once new worlds open. The transfers will happen approximately 3 weeks after the new worlds are created in order to ensure that some of the head-start effects brought by older players are reduced.