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Returning player here, need some help

Hi, I stopped playing the game like very long ago back when there are only 6 or 7 class rank. Now I’ve decided to come back with some friends. So I have some questions:

  1. Is there any major change since then that I have to notice?
  2. What is the current state of the game right now?
  3. What kind of builds is popular right now?
  4. Is there any event or profit for new players? What certain things do I have to do as a new player now in order to have a great start?
    Thanks in advance.
  1. Yeah there are lots of changes and most of them you can check here:

  2. I don’t know what you mean with this question.

  3. You can check it here:

What do you like to do? Bossing, leveling, questing? I need some answers before answering it better.

  1. Well you always have some “treats” as a new player.

Things you have to do: choose right to not regret later of your choice, have fun playing, always remmember to check your daily rewards (if possible).

It is really easy to level up. I love this guide: Updated Levelling Guide (Version 2.0 Re;Build)

You should do the game quests in order to earn silver and gears and also start dungeons when you hit level 50.

I hope I could give you some help. Please ask more things in any case!

Well a build that is easy to level and decent at bossing is good I think. Back then I like swordsman but they was weak in term of dps, are they any better now? Or maybe a hybrid Cleric build that can both deal decent dmg and also support would be nice too, I remember leveling a build like that back then.

The most common swordsman build is composed more or less like this: highlander/barbarian/doppel or peltasta/rodelero/murmilo or fencer/matador/doppel.
You can also go nak muay instead of highlander in some builds.
Talking about clerics, you could pick druid/diev/oracle for example. There are lots of builds. If I were you I would take a look at some youtube videos. You’d be surprised with the cleric damage class. Unfortunately, I’m not the kind of person who knows a lot about cleric or sw. So I hope someone can give you more tips.

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