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Returning player Crash at patcher

Sadly I cant provide much of the information asked when openning this thread since I dont remember much at all. Short story: I am returning from a very long hiatus, however whenever I try to play the pathcer runs and then closes everything.
I tried reinstalling, running as admin, verify files, even putting it on the exclusion list on my anti virus but nothing worked. hope someone has another solution

Try removing the marks from the DLC’s

tried doing that, didnt do much change.

Let me see if I got this right, the patcher run normally, do all that is needed and close trying opening the game but it only close without opening the game?

If that is the case try this:

  • Go into the game folder (Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior_CommonRedist) and install both things there.
  • Install the DirectX there, if it give error when running DXSetup.exe, try the one in the folder: Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\release\patch\DirectX10.
  • If when installing VCRedist it ask to repair or uninstall, just close the installer, since you already have it installed.

You can check some other stuff here:

I installed DirectX and it still had the same problem of closing without opening the game