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Quick Cast with Rune of Ice?

Quick Cast(+50%) with Rune of Ice(*300%) will be 450% or 350%??
Anyone know ?

350% :slight_smile:
20 char rule :expressionless:

Both xxx% are taken from your Magic Attack.

So yes, 350% total.

Hm… not really like multiplicate magic attack. They likely multiplicates final-number (350% compare to normal)

your point is?


I mean: When you fight with something got 500 magic def (an.d your M.attack are 1500, dont consider M.amp or Ele.atk).

  • Without QC & Rune of Ice: you deal 1,000 damage / HP.
  • With QC: you deal 1,500 damage / HP.
  • With Rune of Ice: you deal 3,000 damage / HP.
  • With both of them: you deal 3,500 damage / HP.

To know more about the damage calculation. You can look at this formula: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

Base Modifier is calculated BEFORE subtracting the Effective Defense. While Skill Modifier is AFTER the Effective Defense.

With QC: (1,500 + 750) - 500 =1750 damage

With Rune of Ice:

Let’s say:
Ice Pike damage is 1,000 x 3 = 3,000
(1,500m.atk - 500mdef of enemy) + 3,000 = 4,000 damage

With Both:
(1,750 QC) + 4,000 damage = 5,750 damage

You should test in-game. Not like what are you show as formulation.

I’m sure you never test Rune of Ice

I don’t need to test it. This formula has already been tested by them. In-game will show variation depending on a lot of factor like elemental resistance, mdef, etc…

You can provide answers to your doubts to me because I am not going to test it for you.

Just from your quickcast calculation where you add 50% before you take def away I can already see you got no idea what you are doing.

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And this is coming from someone who says on his thread “if you come here with nothing to prove, please don’t reply”.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Looking at the formula again, it is AFTER. I stand corrected on it but the result is still the same. However, you disgust me on your approach. A complete turnaround on what you stand.

wheres the dislike option? =o


I don’t think helping you understand the game formula was all for nothing, but whatever, go play your weird quickcast then.

You expect me to be polite seeing how everyone in this forum, you included, is competely toxic? Sorry but I can’t do it when people make stupid posts thinking they have just found out this game’s math.

same quote “if you come here with nothing to prove, please don’t reply”.

I am all ears if you have more to offer and provide data. You just assume your elitist mindset. How was I toxic to you, eh?

Take what my point is and correct me if you like. Don’t take my blatant approach as your worst enemy.

Let’s he be math master :grin: play with that super-powered QC
We already know what happened

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i have wiz3 rune >>> 350% not 450%

And still no result but just air words. That works out for you in any argument. :joy:

You do know that we have the same answer to the question of the OP and yet you got butthurt with my explanation while your simple approach didn’t work out on me.