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[Quest] A Drowsy Scent

After the cutscene my FPS dropped from 30 to 0.03 ~ 0.30.
I waited 10 minutes for my character to die, trying to do something destroying my keyboard.
used a soul crystal, continued to destroy my keyboard once again and managed to kill the monsters with only 20% hp left. 5 entwine with aoe skills really drop the FPS and perma froze with 0.2 fps arent nice.

Bump. without Cash this quest is impossible to complete. The screen completely freezes and the game only allows you to move after you are dead. please fix.

This happen to me today and I was trying over and over but the result was the same: FPS drop to 0.60 and after two minutes my character dies and using a crystal is not an option if freeze again!. The worst of this: is a main story quest! Now I’m stuck and nobody accept party either.

This problem keep persisting :c I hope they can fix it soon, it’s really annoying.

Sounds like you guys need to upgrade your rig.

Ha! so funny ¬¬ really appreciate

Is this issue fixed? I’m still hitting this issue…