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Please Keep the Release Date Mar. 22

As the first response to the official announcement says, some people ( myself included) have already made plans to free up time on March 22nd to play this game.

Anyone who scheduled time off work, or re-scheduled their meetings around this release, will have a hard time changing those plans now.

I realize that having to revise your Founder’s Server offer, and waiting for people to vote on the poll has delayed things. I sympathize with you. But I am asking you to sympathize with us.

If you will not be able to release the game on the 22nd because there is simply not enough time to prepare the servers now, or you will not be able to prepare for the massive influx of players you will get at launch, I for one am open to the idea of offering an additional option to pay $20 extra to play on the 22nd, and everyone else will be guaranteed to play on the 23rd.

This extra $20 per person who wants to play just 1 day early, on the day you originally announced, can be used entirely to pay some of your developers overtime to ensure the server is ready for the 22nd/23rd. Or even charge $20 to play on the 21st and everyone else can play on the 22nd.

Assuming you get just 200 players who are willing to pay $20 to play 1 day early, that is $4000 USD you can use to stock your fridge with energy drinks and pay some of your server admins to pull a couple all-nighters and ensure the servers are ready. I can guarantee at least one of your server admins will volunteer for that job.

Hopefully nobody will object to letting people pay to play 1 day early to ensure we can ALL play by the 22nd (worst case 23rd). That is, only if you will not be able to release by the 22nd without bribing some of your employees with a massive amount of money/energy drinks.

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As what I understand for that statement, the Early Access should be next week on 22nd March, or some days later than that.

But let’s just wait until the poll ends and they announce something else before jumping into conclusions.

I don’t think it is jumping to conclusions to take the announcement for what it is. It should have been a given that the start date will remain the same. It’s the people thinking it will start in May for some odd reason that are making assumptions.

and i handed in vacation time :stuck_out_tongue:

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With them just changing the release date every day, it would make it worse for the people that actually want to make plans to play with friends, since nobody will know the actual date to start playing now.

This is the part I am worried about. When they announced the March 22nd date, some people who were willing to shell out $50 for IMCs original offer started clearing up their schedules. These are mostly people with jobs, who have money but not quite as much free time. Having an entire day devoted to playing ToS is huge for them and rare to come by.

If the EA release is delayed by even a day, it will now mess things up for a lot of those people.


The main reason why I believe it’s going to be 22nd March, it’s simple logic.

They announced that the Early Access was going to be 22nd March and that the free launch 19th June.

People raged all over the forums and stuff and went crazy wether it was because of the price of it or because it was 3 months of Early Access or because they had to wait til June to play it.

So they decided to delay that and instead make a poll to see what people wanted, now, why would they even bother making these changes and then people believe that the Early Access starts in May and go free in June if that was the main reason everyone raged, wouldn’t that be the same result?

So, that’s why I believe it’s going to be next week, otherwise it’s just wasting everyone’s time if no matter what free players are going to wait 3 months one way or another, which was the main reason we got this chaos.

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Exactly because this understanding, or misunderstanding is why most people willing to pay voted for option B, since they wanted to be able to still have the early access, and also be able to play with their f2p friends one week later.
But if it doesn’t start in March 22nd, then at least more than half of the people that voted for option B would’ve screwed themselves without even knowing.

This is my concern as well and it’s a valid one. Whether people spend money or not, I don’t believe much is going to change between 1 month and 3 months if we’re allowed to play on Mar 22nd, so I see no reason why it would be delayed.

But then again, forum outrage has so far made us wait 48hrs to make any kind of purchase as it is. If it’s going to be this easy to rock the boat, who knows how many times it’s going to get pushed right up to next Tuesday?

I have vacation scheduled as well.


‘‘These are mostly people with jobs, who have money but not quite as much free time.’’ / ‘‘it will now mess things up for a lot of those people.’’ / ‘’ Having an entire day devoted to playing ToS is huge for them and rare to come by.’’ Wow, they are very benevolent and honorable not ? Maybe paladins ?

Cute. Trying to be a cunt with broken english. You must have been one of the many who thought 3 months was unfair just because you couldn’t do it.

‘‘3 months was unfair just because you couldn’t do it.’’ Really? You need to be something especial to have 50$? ‘‘jobs’’ ‘‘not quite as much free time’’ this is the Real World, a normal day of a worker. lol ‘‘broken english’’ my english is a ■■■■, i know.
*And if you think i’m poor i don’t care.

You’ve got it wrong. They offered it. We accepted it. That was all. It was never SUGGESTED by anyone in the community that people with money can or should have early access. The reason your attitude comes off as so lame to me is because people like you are pointing the finger at other players. Whether we paid $50, $20 or $10 to circumvent the wait and play a buggy game that may or may not disconnect us every 5 minutes for the next 3 months was our possible burden to bear. It had nothing to do with the rest of the community who didn’t think it was worth it. The bug up your butt was that we were willing to accept that and play on regardless and that doing so would somehow put us “ahead” of the rest of you.

So in the end we’re all waiting, just so everyone can have a chance to start on the same level. This is all you were fighting for. The money was never the issue.

So the thing, you ‘‘don’t care’’ about the game, you just want to play, in other side we *think we ‘‘know’’ what is good for the majority community and care about the game, that’s why. You aren’t everyone if you was able to go with their conditions other 60% wasn’t and it’s not good for the game overall.
Just see the difference: First founder pack announced
and the next founder pack who has been announced as a ‘‘B’’ option:
The numbers are far from be the same but 285 is sufficiently to see the difference.

Right. I care nothing for the game I’m willing to pay money to play. That makes a whole hell of a lot of sense.

As for what is “good” for the majority of the community, every single argument has been founded on the assumption that people would no-life iToS for 3 months straight and ruin the game by the time June 19th rolled around. Basically just a bunch of people trying to convince the rest of us of what we should want instead of allowing us to be content with what we accepted. Now, even those with limited time due to work, exams, etc who planned around a Mar 22nd availability, are frustrated. But no one seems to care about THAT half of the community. Those of you hoping for a summer vacation gaming session must be overjoyed.

Even when the B option came out, people called shenanigans, but they’re okay with it mainly because it shaves off a whole 60 days while still demanding the same price. I just hope that by June 19th, the naysayers aren’t wrong about the game being “more stable” and the economy running well.

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I find that incredible…that less than 1,000 estimating…paying $50 will cripple 10 of thousands of newly fresh players…if they played 3 months early.

At the end of the day…is the waiting that is killing them…

I think they should add on small add on pre-purchases for those who would be willing to give a little more. So, extra $20 for a slightly bigger discount on tp, extra $50 for a much bigger discount and some fun cosmetic items. How much extra time would it take for their art team to make one small unique bonus anyway?

‘’ I’m willing to pay money to play’’… Really?
Just see the difference: First founder pack announced
and the next founder pack who has been announced as a ‘‘B’’ option:
See the difference and stop being a ignorant, wtf…
‘‘Mar 22nd availability, are frustrated’’ lol,

''But no one seems to care about THAT half of the community. ‘’

The world does not revolve around you.

I can tell at this point you’re either intentionally ignoring what I say, or your grasp of english is tenuous at best and you’re only responding to a few keywords that show up in my posts so this is the last time I’m going to address you.

It’s not about JUST the paying players. It’s about the people with limited time and resources who had a specific play date in mind that MAY or may not now be in question because we’ve already been delayed 2 days now on the original purchase date for the founders server. You’ve potentially inconvenienced one half of the demographic to convenience the other(with no guarantees that you’ll hold on to every one of them given all this concern about ping and creating a separate EU server). None of the new founders server options have a date tied to them. The original did.

All you and people like you are looking at is “Yay, extra loot and 2 months gone!” You may have shot everyone in the foot and don’t even know it.