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Physical attack stat question

Hello so I know that elemental attack on items adds that number of damage per hit on auto attack or skills. So for example Arde Dagger has 153 Fire Property Attack. And from my understanding this adds 153 flat damage to every skill whether it’s one hit or multiple ticks. So it adds 153 damage to every tick of frost cloud for example. It works just like Priest’s blessing skill.

So here is my question. I just enchanted an item and it gave me 99 Physical Attack. Does that mean this only gives 99 more damage to my auto attacks or does it get added on to my skills as well?

Physical Attack is affected by every MOD and flat Enemy defense.
Firstly it is subtracted via enemy defense. then multiply by the bottom.

E.g (Crit mod 1.5x , Skill Attribuites mod up to 2x, Common Bonus mod up to unknown depends on X value, Skill Mod up to X(some of the skill have % mod))

Arde Fire property is affected by Skill Attributes. ( if it is hitting fire target it’s actually half effective (153/2) ) after this multiply by skill attributes

Refer to this

I’m confused. I looked at the link and the long formula but I can’t find Physical Attack in that formula.

Physical attack = Effective attack.

Also know as a nutshell your full Physical attack (since Bonus Physical attack) is added to your main hand Damage and off hand.

To answer your question: yes, phys atk adds to auto atk and to physical skills atk(which wizard does not have, so it is useless stat for you). So, property atk is always better(except for some very resistant mobs).