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[PETITION] Transfer from Telsia to Varena!

Since you guys are creating a new SEA Server why not just let us transfer to Varena so we could join with our friends and guildmates. Creating a new server would not fix the issue because we can simply create a new steam account and join them in Varena and that would be a catastrophic lagging ever happened in tos. Again. Let us have a choice to transfer servers and we as responsible players will manage on which server to stay. Also add a server status on each server so we will know if iy smooth or crowded or even full.

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This is literally absurb thing to even think about lol, i think this is their business plan all along, right from the start, where founder will play together and they can ban out bots out of our founder server while still let f2p enjoy their game with bot spree server maybe just maybe lpl, so if you want to play in varena jst make new characters lol, because theres no way they allowed trf again and let the newborn server economy wise get shaken


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idk bruh, but have you read this yet?

edit: they are doing this to avoid Telsiai get rekt but imc style (in cost of convenience)

Give those New Players a CHANCE to enjoy the game for 3 WEEKS without HIGH LEVEL CHARACTERS and BROKEN ECONOMY.

Dont you think making a new steam account and playing on Varena will not make the population sky rocket high?

We already have the advantage when we paid for the early access and i dont see any problem with that…but anyway i also have some friends playing F2P and you might be right so i dont blame you or anything… i just want imc to realize that this game continues going down the drain

transfer from saturated server to fresh will hurt economic which is not good for server longevity

i would expect paid transfer if any after economic in new server settled down. or maybe server1 population died out due to no new commer will trigger a merge.

Yeah, im agree. Telsia too overcrowd right now.

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Economy of what? lol i dont get high level = economy

let’s say you’re level 200 and just farm normal lv200 map since day one

for only an hour you’ll have 10x or even 50x money more than other.

that’s sound horrible for economy to me.

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What about searching for the definition of Economy and read back all the comments then THINK. that solves the problem.

seriously dude? you didnt get it?

All of you guys camping here in my thread. Lemme guess? F2P Players? Hahahaha not my fault if you cant buy Early Access. Spending time with the game is my own time not yours. In addition to that i dont see any problem with spending my time leveling and farming at high level maps. Its not that i got there and i didnt do any effort. Most of you guys think that it will ruin the economy and im just here telling you what i know about the games economy. Why would i even listen to people who havent experienced the game yet right?