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Orsha to klaipeda

At the start of early access I made my characters on orsha not knowing that the polulation is massivly brazilian compared to klaipeda. Will I be able to transfer to klaipeda at the end of early access if I want?

Yes, you will be given a 1-time free transfer. Although I am not entirely sure if this transfer applies only to transferring to the new F2P servers that will open, or if it also applies to Orsha->Klaipeda transfers. The points is, you will definetly be able to transfer out of Brazil-world.

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Yeah I didnt know if it would be possible to do orsha to klaipeda since most topic are regarding the old servers to the new ones.

I hope we will be able to transfer from Orsha to Klaipeda and vice versa.

I made my team on Orsha so I could avoid the population problems that Klaipeda would have, even though I knew that most BRs were headed there, because I had the intention of moving my team away once F2P starts. It would be nice if I had Klaipeda as once of my options to transfer to. :stuck_out_tongue:

you will not be able to go from O to K or vice versa.

the free server transfers ARE just from the old servers to the new EU or SEA transfers.

then again, maybe they’ll change their mind (again) between now and when the transfers become available.

Tbh I do not see a big problem with it considering the fact that right now they are the only non europe/sea servers we have

From what I remember what has been said about server transfers for players on Founders Servers in Early Access, it’s only possible to transfer from Klaipeda or Orsha to the newly created server/s that will be made once the game becomes available to everyone in April.

there’s only 4 servers total… SEA, EU, and 2 NA… aside from south america (which usually seems to connect to NA servers pretty well… not that i can read Brazilian, so idk), that pretty much gives a good minimum coverage globally. “the only” sounds a little silly when dealing with so few servers to begin with.

that aside, K and O are both East coast USA. transferring from one to the other would have little impact, if any, on how well the game runs. the transfers are being offered to deal with gameplay issues, not because “ew i don’t like BR’s” which is the attitude your original post seems to give off.

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By the way, where is the unofficial source that Orsha isn’t the main server for NA players?

where is the source that says it is?

Orsha and Klaipeda are both NA servers. i’ve never seen anything that suggests that one is more “main” than the other.

There was a poll in a BR community somewhere where they voted on what server they were going to join, and most said they would be joining Orsha, which made a lot of NA players flock to Klaipeda. Both are NA servers, but 1 just happens to have more BR players.

I never said I had anything against br’s I would rather play in a sever that is mostly if not total english. From my time on orsha a large portion speak Portuguese in comparison to klaipeda which from what ive been told by friends has more english speakers.

I like most people would prefer a server where 10-50% of the people do not speak a language you don’t understand.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to set up a brazilian sever. The language barrier has already been an issue when forming parties on orsha.