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Orsha to Klaipeda Server Transfer

It’s not arbitrary at all. Klaipeda is by far the highest pop server. The entire point of server transfers is to distribute players from high pop to not so high pop.

So allowing Klaipeda to be a destination would defeat the purpose of the entire purpose of server transfers.

So really, it’s the opposite of arbitrary. It’s well planned.

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When they launched early access, Klaipeda and Orsha were the only available servers at the time, some hours later Fedimian was added. Obviously a lot of players from both EU and SEA had already started playing, many of which had claimed their packs and progressed for hours. They announced the transfers as the servers opened up so people could keep playing without worry. Assumption is IMC were not absolutely sure if they wanted to have servers dedicated to other regions due to possible underpopulation and or any inconveniece that may follow.

Sorry, Klaipeda built a wall that you paid for. If you climb up it, good luck, cause there’s no way to get down

maybe a rope

That’s not the entire point of server transfers, because it misses my point.

  1. I was there at launch. Launch got delayed.
  2. In the FAQ, team names were said to have been unique to each server (NOT unique to all servers, as it is in actuality)
  3. I took my desired team name on Orsha, while knowing that I wanted to play on Klaipeda with my friends. However, anyone that was trying to get in that evening knows how much of a clusterfluff that was.
  4. One free transfer for founders has been advertised for awhile now.
  5. Only recently has there been any hint of restriction on which servers can be transferred to.

I’ve really tried to be super patient. I’ve missed most of head start because their FAQ was entirely wrong about how team names were secured. I’ve been waiting for a transfer to Klaipeda so I can have my desired and taken team name (from Orsha). I haven’t made a single character. I’ve been patiently waiting.

Try to understand my problem before dismissing it as “well thought out”. It’s not entirely well thought out. There are people like me in this same predicament that are still stuck in the mud.

And here’s a picture of the FAQ at launch. Before anyone accuses me of lying, for whatever reason.

“only recently” as in, 2 weeks ago when they were announced. maybe you didn’t see it then, but ever since the EU server was opened, it’s always been “from the older servers to a newer one.”

meanwhile, the official word is in. make your team now and start playing. when they move it, your everything will be dropped onto klai and overwrite the (nothing) that is currently there.

Two weeks ago was still after launch. They didn’t have any specific server rules for transferring originally. I mean, they could change the transfer rules now and say only transfers from Fedimian to Telsiai are allowed. Just because they announce a change doesn’t make it right.

Did they originally specifically say that transfers among all servers would be allowed? No. Did they originally indicate that only specific servers would be allowed to transfer? Also no. Call it what you want, but it was still misleading.

"We will be offering 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access.
Only 1 Team transfer per Steam account will be allowed regardless of the number of products purchased.

We will be taking requests from those who would like to make a Team transfer once new worlds open. The transfers will happen approximately 3 weeks after the new worlds are created in order to ensure that some of the head-start effects brought by older players are reduced."


18d ago.
“one time transfer from Orsha/Klai to Fedimian, at the end of the Exclusive Access period, or sooner if possible.”
“if any SEA players started on Fedimian server prior to the release of our SEA server Telsiai, they will be able to make one transfer from Fedimian to Telsiai.”

17d ago.
“Telsiai server is now open for access.”
“for the SEA players already playing on Klaipeda or Orsha, please remember that we will be providing one-time Team transfers to you once the Exclusive Access period is over, or even sooner if possible.”

are we done now?

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@Kaname What would you have done if someone took your name on Klai? Why didn’t you use that name on there in the first place? Especially since you thought they weren’t unique across all servers despite this announcement 22 days ago:

And what would happen if someone else had the same team name when you transferred over?

Wait… so team names are unique to all servers now?

They added that AFTER saying what I quoted above you. Is it really that hard to comprehend? Really? I don’t want to assume that you’re stupid, but I honestly don’t really know how to make it any easier for you to understand.

  1. IMC offers founders a free one time server transfer.
  2. IMC amends server transfer rules to only be applicable to certain servers.

SIGH Are we done now? I don’t know why you’re trying to fight me about this. It’s pretty obnoxious. I’m going to assume you’re trolling at this point because you’re trying to argue against the facts.

What would you have done if someone took your name on Klai?
I don’t see how that’s relevant. My name wasn’t taken on Klaipeda because I took it on Orsha.

Why didn’t you use that name on there in the first place?
I couldn’t log in to Klaipeda at the time of launch. Just like a ton of other people. Did everyone suddenly get amnesia and forget how difficult it was to log in at launch?

Especially since you thought they weren’t unique across all servers despite this announcement 22 days ago:
I didn’t read the patch notes. I read the official FAQ on this website (which has since been amended). I trusted the official FAQ to be an accurate source for something like team names at the moment of launch (It wasn’t accurate).

And what would happen if someone else had the same team name when you transferred over?
That wouldn’t happen because team names are not unique to each server.

I don’t know why you two are getting up in my business and harassing me.

  1. The FAQ was wrong about team names at launch. FACT.
  2. IMC (at first) said they would give a one time free server transfer to founders. FACT.

Look, all I want to do is play the game with my team name and play it with my friends. I’m not here to bring IMC down, topple the game, start world domination or whatever else. I simply want to transfer my, empty, team (with my name) from Orsha to Klaipeda.

Like… I could start a new team on Klaipeda right now and bump the population by one. I’m really holding out for getting my team name, though. I don’t have some kind of devious plan or ulterior motive. I just want them to transfer my empty team over to Klaipeda.

IMC, at the moment, will not allow us to transfer from Orsha to Klaipeda. It is arbitrary because all it is doing it keeping me from saving my desired team name that is on Orsha. I could easily make a cruddy team without my desired name on Klaipeda, but that’s not what I want to do.

No, that FAQ picture was taken the night of launch. Team names are not unique to each server

Oh, so you thought you could use the same name on both Orsha and Klaipeda, so you went ahead and created it on Orsha first since it was the only option at the time, with the intent to use the same name on your Klaipeda team? But later when you discovered that you couldn’t, due to team names actually being unique across all servers, you could at least rest assured that your name was safe, and could eventually be transferred over to Klaipeda once the option becomes available. Yet a later clarification by IMC over the specifics of server transfers has shattered your hopes and dreams.

That’s reasonable, then. Still wondering why you’d make a team on Orsha yet not create a character if you thought, erroneously, that team names were server specific. Or why you wouldn’t play anyway if you were expecting a transfer.

Have you sent in a ticket to have your team deleted? I suppose you could spend the TP to rename your team, then create it on the correct server. Though I can only confirm that characters’ first names free up after deletion, since I’ve never changed nor deleted my team before.

um , there was a team name changing event , you could have changed your team name in orsha and get your desire name in klaipeda o-o …

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Here is one of our biggest issues at the moment. Many of us were not properly informed of the server regional populations or status. Alot of us North American English Speaking players made a character on Orsha because it was a lower pop, less lag, ect. Many of us popped our DLC because logic dictates that a server located on the east coast, is in english, and launched on steam as a localized release should be an primarily North American English speaking server no?

You know how god damn hard it is to play a healer when you don’t know Portuguese? Haha. I’ve had fields of mobs KS’ed in front of me because I spoke english. I’ve been denied groups because I speak English. Both on English servers.

I’m want to know why they don’t just remake Klaipeda the North American server, Make Orsha the South American server and allow free transfers that way.

I’m a founder, I’ve been screwed since day one. This transfer doesn’t help those of us who were mis informed and don’t want to just eat our losses. (Most being non-refundable DLC)

I’m so tempted to call my bank and force a charge back. Make Steam deal with the issue.

So you assumed international server has to have only English speakers but it turned out that it was international server after all. Who would have guessed :smile:

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This whole thing wouldnt have been so bad if they would of given LA a separate server and then region locked them. Now everyone else is having to deal with this BS.

I don’t always know the language of my party members either, whichever it may be, but I’ve been able to play perfectly fine and figure out the context of what they’re trying to say usually and even if I don’t fully understand it’s not doom.

KS happens to everyone. You don’t need to bother finding groups because there’s dungeon finder. Yeah sometimes it’s a little random but you are always guaranteed to have people to play with.

Also they DID inform you. Check out tzxazrael’s post in this thread on the various announcments IMC gave to inform you all. So it’s your mistake that you have to deal with. Nothing is stopping you from creating a new team in Klai and remaking.

Yes, especially those poor ones who are allergic to Portuguese and Spanish. They get physical life threatening symptoms when they read something written in those languages if they don’t have expensive special filters installed on their monitors :cry:

Because of this, no one should even bother thinking how these damned LA players have to deal with the BS of monolingual racists throwing at them left and right.

oh ■■■■ off with that retarded bs.

Wanting to play with your own is not racist at all. Brazilians want to play with Brazilians…should we call them racist?

God forbid we want to play only with people we can understand. Take your liberal multiculturalism elsewhere.

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