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No Eu servers? No thanks

Type cmd in your search bar and ping

There you will find your ping for the server, I’m from the UK and get 75

Flagged, please just delete this trash topic.

Europeans want a private server for themselves, meanwhile they are the minor part of customers. It’s so crazy how their mind is completely blind. At least they could support the game, as other people do, and then scream for their selfish and antisocial requests.

Wouldn’t call at least 20% of the player base minor to be honest


Didn’t know that wanting better ping is called “selfish and antisocial” nowadays.

I’m playing from the UK an my ping to the east coast of USA is only about 110ms, that’s without using anything to enhance my ping.

Not really sure I need an EU server honestly.

Want to hear a funny story? I have ping to east coast servers around 140ms, but when I play any MMORPG with servers in the east coast, I have at least 210~250ms ping.

It’s safe to assume you won’t see a ping of 110ms in actual gameplay.

Better Ping?
I do prefer better game, and I would never never say something like “server for me, or I won’t play”. It’s completely meanless and selfish and antisocial.

The best part of things like this, is people like you having fun with persons like who wrote the post, meanwhile many Euros say the ping is under 100ms!! It’s enough for everyone and it’s a lot better than Latin America or Middle Asia.
I’ve played with 250ms. in EU servers, and I could play 100% ok.

Being selfish as him is not necessary, because they are already planning to run regional servers for racial portion of population.

Pingtest might show 100ms, but in-game they will have 160~200ms.

I can play with 250ms ping as well, but it’s not very fun. Playable, but not fun.

When you’re chased by 20 mobs in Earth Tower, the difference between 70ms and 170ms will usually mean life or death. On your screen it might look like “you didn’t get hit”, but the server registers it differently because of high ping.

Ever heard of timezones? The time difference between EU and NA is 6~9 hours (more or less). This basically means that EU and NA people will miss each other out. There goes your idea of “socializing”.

There are literally no benefits for EU people playing with NA people. If EU people want to socialize with NA, the timezone difference is too large. This means that EU people will end up playing with other EU people, or some rare NA people who play at irregular hours.

Example. When I come back from work and start playing ToS, people in NA are still at work. When I turn off the PC and go sleep, people in NA start to come back home from work. We completely miss each other. The time period when both of us are online at the same time is very low or nonexistent.

Forcing EU players to play on NA servers serves no purpose. We can’t socialize enough because of timezone differences, and we have to deal with high ping. Playing at 200+ms ping might not be a big deal to you, but for most people it’s a big deal.

You are getting it wrong by many ways, playing time is not 2 or 3 hs. average, it’s greater than that and it’s greater in EU and NA teenagers. The “timezone” is not a problem at all for gamers these days.
If you think so, it’s also a problem inside NA and inside EU, because of 2~4 hs. It’s also a problem for non kids, when some of them work at night and some at morning.
I’ll repeat, timezone 20th century’s problems are not today’s problems, when you refer at games.

Also ping related things you say are pure speculations and lies, I can say it because I’ve played ToS beta from Argentina and from Australia, I got, not taking in count major lag issues, 120ms from Argentina and 190 from Australia, when people speculating said it could be 250 and 300.

And you need more information and readding, they have said many times they will prompt new regional servers little by little.
But you should know, EU are not priority because they say they are the most important players, ToS took a geographic center position to get the start kick and they will be expanding to anywhere they self think is more money-worth.

Im getting about 115 ping so yeah you’re wrong

How many eu server topics are we going to see until there’s an announcement.

I hope you never take the announcement.
At least until free game runs, it’s not fair for the others that understand the situation.

You obviously never experienced the difference of time zones yourself.
Let me explain it by sharing my experiences from playing Tera on NA servers.

I live in UTC+1 timezone. Timezone for NA players is either UTC-5 or UTC-8. That’s 6 or 9 hours difference between me and NA players.

I come back from work at 17:00 my local time. In NA, it’s now either 11:00 or 8:00 - most players are either in school or at work, I play for 6 hours, go to sleep at 23:00 my local time. In NA, it’s now either 17:00 or 14:00. People from East Coast have been online now for about 2 hours, while people from West Coast are mostly still at school/work.

Do you know how deserted the servers are when I start playing at 17:00 local time? Almost every NA player is offline when I start to play. In my guild consisting of 150+ players, only 4 are online. The rest is still at school/work. It takes ages to find a party for dungeons.

The emptiness continues for about 3-4 hours. When it’s about 21:00 my local time, the servers finally start to become more active. In my guild, there are now 10 people online. It’s now possible to find parties for dungeons.

About 2 hours later, it’s 23:00 my local time. The servers are pretty active, but still not at their peak. I have to logout, but the servers aren’t even half full. If I wanted to experience how populated the game really is, I would have to wait for another 2-3 hours. It would be 02:00 my local time now, and I obviously can’t afford to play that late on a regular basis. Need to get enough sleep or I’m dead body at work.

See the problem? Most EU players are online during hours when NA players are mostly offline. It’s something I experienced over long periods of time. The lack of population during the time when most EU players are online is staggering. The problem is very realistic - I had to quit playing on Tera’s NA server because it forced me to stay up until 2-3 AM. It’s not a healthy lifestyle for EU players to endure.

I understand it, but I can’t see the true problem.

You can always keep playing with EUs these far western hours, you probably couldnt do that in Tera because of lack of players or high latency, it won’t be the ToS situation.
And taking it as a EU exclusive problem, when it’s the same for other regions, is what makes me call you “selfish”.

Sure, I can play with other EU players on NA servers, but we will have to deal with high latency. You might say latency doesn’t matter in ToS, but I beg to differ. Playing classes that rely on auto-attack is pointless unless you have good ping. Therefore, we have already limited choices when it comes to choosing a class to play efficiently.

We’ve established that NA players and EU players will miss each other out because of different timezones. Therefore, what harm does it make to create an EU server, where we don’t have to worry about high latency? There is nothing selfish about that. Most EU players will play during hours when NA players are online, so socializing is very limited.

Are you talking about players from Asia, Oceania and Australia regions? They have the same problem as EU players have.
Basically, you’re saying that because I didn’t mention players from outside EU, I am selfish? Bruh, the problem applies to everyone who lives away from NA continent.

Hmm you’re going to make a thread like this and you didn’t even respond to the thread by the staff asking where you would like the EU server…

100-200ms ping isn’t that bad… SEA has 300ms ping and people are still playing.


You might see the difference later on.
But AA builds rellay heavily on ping.

There’s already been test in icbt2 and ktos.
If they didn’t change they’re netcode and made it even easyer for hackers to get to the atk speed code… ping will still be heavily blocking Autos from hitting.