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No Eu servers? No thanks

so i have seen alot of stuff about this game and i thought it was going to be good. But seeing there will be no Eu servers is not good when do devs learn that USA isnt the only place in the world?

i have seen this ■■■■ from Square Enix aswell they came with Eu servers 3 years after launch of FFXIV. such crap is not a good thing.

please do launch Eu servers or there is no point for people in Eu to play


EU players will get a 1 time free server transfer once they launch EU servers when that will be no one knows, so it’s not a complete waste playing now.

I don’t think it’s going to be 3 years. They have been paying attention to the noise on the forums/fan sites.

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Europe’s ping isnt even that bad. Most people’s ping in EU is only a bit above my west coast US ping. There’s so much noise about it when ppl haven’t even played the game and see how the latency actually affects them in real time.

It’s really getting dumb.


Not sure where you got 3 years from but i’d expect it within the next 6 months over 20% of the player base will be EU that’'s enough for European servers.

ok bye

They looked at sales results, and realized they couldn’t afford a EU server for Early Access. Of course, this is quite circular, as many Europeans didn’t want to buy anything until there was confirmation on an EU server.

In all fairness though running at 100 ping isn’t so bad miss probably 1 auto attack as apposed to someone with 20 ping.

I’ll be doing PvE only so it will have no effect on me personally.

eh i said Square Enix took 3 years… to realize that they had more eu players then US



well the sales wouldn’t matter. cause they are dont care about people from Eu or Sea or any other place then Us lol.

if they would have a Eu server for founder they amount of Eu people that would buy that early access would be 300-400% higher but now maybe 10% of the original playerbase will join or less

uhm? 100 ping try 300 lol. the place the servers are located is 300+ for most people in Eu

I only had 150 ping on the Korean servers so I’d expect it to be 100 or less however it totally depends on your provider.

then u dont live in Eu imo… Korean servers are 500+ for Eu people

Actually most EU player are around 100-150.
I’m from France and get 101ping wich is ok, i think i have one of the better ping from EU because i got a ping boost provided by my FAI

I’m from eu and get 112ms, not too bad

we got great support from our dear US neighbours - nothing can go wrong

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:stuck_out_tongue: yes, that’s what I was referencing. I play XIV as well and it did take a rediculously long time.

im from belgium and u dun see me complaining freaking watch steparu’s gameplay on tree of savior he beat many bosses from low to high level no probs and he was playing it on the korean version so please either buy a router that’s not a cardboard box or shut up.

Might happen. Might not.

They promised 1 transfer for it if it happens.