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No_data everywhere

Idk how to recriate it or how to… idk what happened. I was going to do a earth tower, then i got Dc while trying to enter the dangeun but it was taking too long to opend the game so i tryed to open it again. Then it oppened a login screen in korean, asking for username and password. I don’t have a screen shot about that…
So i closed the game, opened it again and it was like this:

Besides what you can see on the images, I can’t see what i’m typing and i’m unable to withdraw silver. Didn’t try to search for more problemas because this is alredy frustating.
Does anyone know what I can try? I alredy tryed to check local files with steam and alredy deleted and reinstalled tos. Also, I don’t use addons anymore, unstalled before all of this happened

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Thank you. It was just in “kr” option…