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Mostly tank somee dps to get by build questions before i get too far in


ok so let me start with

what im planning for my basic build

now i was C1 peltasta and i needed more dmg to keep up so right now i am swordsman C1>peltasta C1>hoplite C1

it seems to be working out ok im planning on going back to peltasta next rank to finish up that and then i should be back on track

now my question is if this makes sense. i really havent seen much about tanks and im pretty sure you cant go full tank solo and not hit massive roadblocks. that said my main ffocus is tanking but i threw the Doppelsoeldner in at the end to end off with more dps for sustainability and all that. most of what i saw was ending with Centurion but to be completely honest i dont think i actually really understand much about that class so i dont want to get a class i have no idea about at all …

anyway if i missed something that i shouldnt have by all means let me know and as for attributes i put 10 points into provoke i enhanced bash lvl 10 prolly a mistake but its done … knockdown for bash i put 1 point into enhance concentrate but that was also a mistake wep swap …


umbo blow stun lvl 4 planning on maxing that out and shield guard


use 1 handed spears thats all at present

if i can continue forward as is i would like to if i already made major mistakes i would like to know before im too far in … at present im only 45 and my stats are

str 33
con 36
int 2
spr 15
dex 10

i have roughly 8k hp with costume hair enchants i think thats an extra 1.5k hp if i need to change that too or not let me know … ummmmm im not sure if anything else is needed and it all looks pretty jumbled at this moment but anyway yeah …


read this and try to figure it out yourself
or ask questions there and the somebody would answer yo questions


since you’ll be using one handers, it would be a good investment to hold on to a 1 handed spear, mace, and sword. zones typically have a trend in which weapon type monsters are weak against, which will greatly increase your damage with normal melee swings. Also since you’re in to tanking, you should know avoidance is important, so putting some in to dex for those sweet dodges, wouldnt be a bad investment. im a full dex build, and i hardly ever get hit by melee attacks.


i considered more dex and eventually i may a little but there are CD’s that lower all that already so building it up to cut it in half seems wasteful


that saids the range or weps to carry around is prolly a good idea really