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Monster Taming Event is far too nerfed

Actually that makes a lot of sense, the GM has no idea what we were talking about regarding level of the boss in the dungeon and instead thought we were referring to the stuff they do have info on.

Staff aren’t GM though ‘w’;;

They actually are. Or at least some of them. I remember talking to one of the GMs testing something in game and one of the staff said something like “I have personally tested it in game and will make a report…” which implies that the staff and the GM that I was talking to in game were the same person.

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You (Staff Yuri) gave incorrect information, and for 3 days we have no information on whether or not we will change the event.

The mechanics we have is: 1 fragment for every 10 levels of the monster or boss (whichever is lower)

The same was announced, but 100x less fracturing.

Not only the farming is ludicrous,there is also no strategy: just get a mob that multi hits and farm away. There is no purpose in capturing X monster because of a skill he has: it will be used at max once per boss. There is no reason to pledge to this event other than “I´m lvl max and have nothing to do”. Period.