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Mage Damage Suggestion

Due to high numbers of complain and lots of teary swordsman about wizard, I have a suggestion that I think will balance the wizard class.
How about remove the linear damage of Magic type skill.
Since magic cant be block and dodge, its unfair that they can fully invest in con and reduce only a small portion of their damage.

Instead of
level 1 Meteor - 400% Magic damage + 983 damage
level 10 Meteor - 400% Magic damage + 3229 damage
Make it like this
level 1 Meteor - 500% Magic damage
level 10 Meteor - 800% Magic damage

Instead of
level 1 Flame Ground - 54 damage
level 15 Flame Ground - 236 damage
Make it like this
level 1 Flame Ground - 50% Magic damage
level 15 Flame Ground - 125% Magic damage

This make the INT stat become essential to all DPS Wizards. The support type wizard still can invest hard on Con since they don`t do DPS the whole time and prioritize on surviving.
This is applicable to all classes too including cleric.
By scaling it by % of physical or magic, the player can decide if they invest on Con to survive or Str/Int for more damage. The damage of skill will base on items,buff and invest stat.
Buffs like swell left and right hand by thaumaturge will become good even on highlevel.
Additional elemental damage will not affected since they scale on per hit.

Please tell me if you guys agree on my idea before I put it on suggestion and tell me the pros and cons of my idea. Thanks all.

How many high level wizard builds did you said you have?_?

I didnt said anything about my wiz character. What are you? Troll?

exactly my point…

you are talking about dmg changes and reductions but give no background as if you even know how it feels to be a wizard…

also pvp balance and pve balance are a completely different thing…

there are already lot of pvp balance on ktos that happen inside battle ground…

TLDR: I don’t want to hear a vegetarian talking about rising the price of meat :expressionless: < first example I came up with

This is just a suggestion. Thats why i want to hear your thoughts about this idea. If theres any thing wrong about what I suggest, I want to hear it. If there`s a thing that can destroyed by my idea, i want to know it.

This is applicable to all skill not just wizard as I said. I assume your a wizard that`s why you are completely again this idea.

And I have chrono2 so I have a little background on wizard but I choose to focus on my archer.

Try reading this topic

so u might know how Int/Str contribute in damage.

yeah. That`s why I suggest % damage so they can scale well with stats.
They can simple increase the %magic damage skill can have.
level 10 Meteor 800% Magic Damage.
Investing 200 points on Int gives you 400 int (class 7).
Additional 400 magic attack + level additional damage max 280. = 680 damage
Int and level damage 680 + weapon damage (Catacombs Staff) 160 = 840 magic damage.
840 x 800% = 6720 Damage
This exclude the item stats, skill attribute, buff. 6.7k raw damage.
I think 6.7k raw damage are enough.

after reading the damage guide. I think my idea are pointless. Unless they change the damage formula my suggestion can be far to be good.

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The problem with pure % wise is, that when your int or gear dmg is low your dmg will dive massively. Now the skill will do a stock amount of dmg no matter what. So it actually is good.

There are lots of people combining all kinds of different builds hybrids etc, that maybe do not focus on int at all, and this would completely wreck it.

Also having lots of con isn’t that much of a issue, as search party’s mostly end up with no healer or no tank and survival is a thing then that you need to have.

You people talking about scaling all seem to be ignorant of health tiers in the game.

The overwhelming majority of skills in the game
scale bare minimimum 1:1 with Int/STR.
Which is not a problem. Your skill base damage is then increased.

The game has different health tiers of monsters.
For instance even at level 50 you know a Galok or Engonome is in a higher health bracket then the Pwands, Yengomes and Green apparitions that surround them. You also know that mobs in the level 50 dungeon are in an even higher health bracket.
As the game progresses even Higher Health tiers come into the game, by Health tiers we’re talking about monsters that have significantly greater health then the normal linear increase of Health with levels.
One of the earlier “second” jobs in health brackets you’ll see is the Mauros enemy in Masoleum 5th Floor.

All this scaling talk is horse crap as unless you marginalize skills the reality is earlier skills by and large are going to find they are no longer as potent relatively speaking to enemies in a new health bracket. Such as the difference between Rambears in Verti Square with 5k Health and Black Coliflies in Roxona East with 44,000 health.
Your move that works sufficiently to kill Rambears is often not going to be as efficient come Black Coliflies and then isn’t going to be as efficient come Red Nuo’s for instance that are then in a 100k health bracket.

You can’t simple “scale” all things to be relevant at all levels of the game without being overbearing at others.

Majority of moves are already bare minimum 100% scaling.
Oh and 800% on Meteor doesn’t mean jack because again you don’t seem to understand the health increases that occur in this game.
When mobs have 100k health, even if you have 1200 Magic attack, you’ve merely dealt 9,600.
Which is 9.6% of their Health.
Aka you’ll have noticed regardless that Meteor is no longer as effective as it used to be when it was killing monsters of a lower Health tier.

This is primarily the fall off of the game and your suggestion does jack squat to it. To make moves Survive the latest health bracket tiers, you have to have them output around 2000%-4500% scaling which is what the top multi-hit skills effectively do.
Lol 800%.
The reason Snipes Damage is even credible is because it has a 5997 Base damage for instance. 5997 being many times more damage then your physical/magical attack contribution, so despite scaling at 400% compared to 1600% moves like Multi-shot the high skill base damage keeps it relevant for Tier 7 mobs. It’ll fall off too just like all single-hits when a new health tier comes out. Hell soon many multi-hit moves will fall off as well as their high scaling stops being competitive with High skill bases.

How is your 800% of magical attack that does 9.6% to moves of 100k health status going to transfer when they triple health to 300k? Yeaaah.
What about when there’s another health bracket after that?

thanks for the feedback and information. Please don`t be so mad.

I try to use a percentage so that the damage of the skill can grow with the user. Well after reading the damage guide by @EternalDream. Removing the linear damage will greatly affect the damage formula since the current damage formula need a linear damage to generate damage a good damage.