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Lack of communication / Staff Silence

A few infos about communication from IMC in the past weeks:

  • 24 hours without any comment from IMC staff on forums aside from bot/gold sellers
  • No patch notes for 24 hour maintenance on the patch notes section (
  • Last entry on developer’s blog was on 4/26 about number of likes. Last useful entry was on 4/19
  • 5 min prior announcement in game about server maintenance/shutdown
  • Wrong server shutdown times, ocurring before the set time

I feel like they’re dropping the ball on communicating with us this past week. I get it that devs probably have their hands full on transfers, but I feel like GM / forum staff / blog should be more active, specially on weeks when there aren’t many bug fixes.

There are a number of issues on the forums that we are waiting a response for awhile. Such as:

  • Dungeon disconnect issues
  • Server instability and latency spikes on weekends
  • Why aren’t we getting patches from kToS that fix broken stuff
  • How are you gonna address servers when F2P arrives (which will surely make every server overpopulated in launch week)

And some other stuff. Im not raging and going “ahhh answer me or I quit”, Im only pointing out that communication needs to be handled better in the following days/weeks, specially on critical issues that affects everyone.

Tagging just to add visibility, no need for an answer on this topic: @Staff_Julie, @STAFF_Ines, @STAFF_John, @STAFF_Ethan, @STAFF_No, @STAFF_J

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Hmmm, if this is not announcement, i don’t know what it is.

And it have 1 day of age.

I saw an hour notice in game before they went down.

Pretty sure we got patch notes HOURS in advance…

you need to look at lot harder. just because you haven’t seen a thing doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

I guess I should be more clear, there are no patch notes in the patch notes section of the website:, which is where it should be at.

5 mins announcement on server shutdown is ridiculous. You may be doing dungeons/missions (as I was). Its bad pratice to not let your customers know with a resonable amount of time when your service is gonna be unavailable. Also, the 5 mins is not for the last maintenance, as it was announced with a reasonable amount of time, but a maintenance that happened a week or 2 ago with no prior announcement in game.

Imagine if you drive to a restaurant, and when you get there it closed on a whim and notified you via facebook 10 mins before. Would you be a happy customer? The same applies to online services.

That is because the announcement on forums was made 12 hours prior, most people know when it is if they at least take a look on the forums.

As for patch notes, i think they add in the right section after maintenance, you never know when something went wrong and had to be undone or changed to not cause conflict.

I was not refering to the last maintenance regarding the 5 mins in game announcement, but the one last week.

Maintenance happens every single week at the same time

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Ah ok, well it is a weekly occurrence, in every game and sometimes, it is emergencial ones so there will be no announcements.