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[kTest[Ktos]] Class rework thread

oooh, thanks. Is the one you posted above the current formula? Lemme run this a bit (fuck my math sucks)

This is the new formula.

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I’m not sure it works as intended or not. It seems too bad atm.

do you know the old one? So I can try to compare the two

I wonder:
How will PP-IW combination perfomance? If it won’t get multi factor, it’s the end of my kino cryo RC
Due to attribute enhance may reduce to 0.5% per level, my diev-doctor will be nerfed too :joy:

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Just tested with cata and earthwave is still fake multi hit despite showing x5…

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Archers have highest % scaling in game.
Reiter3 very very high scaling.
Musket2 nerfed a lot (buttstroke debuff now increases damage by +30%, before it was +100%).
Hunter CC + damage% impressive. Hunter coursing decreases phys defence of target by % now. Attribute to decrease mdef is % now. Retrieve attribute is -% phys def now.

All archers except QS3 (running shot nerfed), wugu (still flat scaling), rogue look okay.
Surprisingly, rogue has been nerfed (feint, vendetta, sneak hit, backstab crit chance%.
Falconer circling still useless beyond level 5.

@Di3rn that’s sad. Again fake skill description by devs.


-create a magic circle to increase buff effects
-Duration increase +100% for melstis lvl 5
-cannot exceed 20 seconds increase


Pretty sad Miko and PD getting those big hit nerfs. Why? No need, not like the would be top damage, or ever was, or would be a problem with that. No more damage skill tree on Clerics then?

But my biggest problem is seeing Wugushi still flat damage. WHY?? I mean, WHY? Just make it scale with phys. att and almost all his problems would be solved, still going to be pretty bad this way…

I wonder, this 542% damage on ice wall would be affected by PP shards? Hyped if so. Pretty hyped with Cryo anyway big % scalings.

Glad to see all c3 (swords3 archer3 wiz3) seems really relevant now, maybe only exception cleric3… Clerics seems the less affected in any good way and more nerfed than all, no need to push them so much to supportive side killing all damage…

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Miko and pd nerfes are deserved. Thats too much damage near so much utility.


A lot of interesting skill changes :smiley:

Higher skill level SP cost is ridiculous. For all classes.
For example fencer attaque composee 169 sp cost at lvl15, 0cd skill.


What about Thaumaturges (seemingly supportive classes too and in some occasions much more utility than DievMikoPD) having the possibility to take a Featherfoot on the end of their build? Scale 900%+ on some skills? balanced? They can? Clerics can’t? That makes no sense.

Stone Shot 15 is 680% Scaling…
It’s blowing my mind.

Oh i just noticed that cyclone lv15 is 360%… i see what you did there imc.


Rogue C3
Sneak Hit- 60% crit rate(down from 90%)
hm ok.

Feint- lower 45% dodge(down from 150%)

Vent- 84% base dmg+ STR (still useless)
Stillllll useless

Evasion- 50% evasion increase ( down from 100%)
omg why?

Burrow- no change

Smoke- no change

Backstab-621%x2, 50% increase if from back. so 1863% base dmg total from back.
Seems like the same as now.

Barrel- dont understand…

Flare-0.5s per hit 258% base dmg, 25 sec.
looks stronger

FluFlu- 516% base dmg. 61s CD
still useless…i guess?

No change.

somebody who understand korean should just translate this XD

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Barrel did not change.
Rogue got nerfed a lot. Vendetta is so very very very useless. Only for tree root crystals.
Look at rogue SP cost now. 188 sp for backstab lvl 10.

…my mom ask why im crying to my screen.


Any changes to agny necklace?