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Kalipeda down or just me?

Homepage says its online but i cant log in?

I believe it may still be in the 24 Hour Maintenance.

It’s still under the maintenance.

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There is already a post about this omg prepared to get bash xD

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Keep it up Lindely, This will not be the last one of these we see today.

mhmm, I kept wondering what’s keeping them from putting the servers as in maintenance on their web.

Ah… Here we goooooo hueu uhueu uuhueueueueu lmao It’s only when the game is down for so long I get to amuse myself on the forums like this xD

jesus again a 24 hour maintenance…again a day where i lose my dungeons runs and mission runs…+ the 5 dungeon and 2 mission runs where my whole group got a dc and i lost the runs in the last few days…

@thebloodyaugust so the thread I posted yesterday was more useless than I expected :joy:

Its okay. You tried to help lol.

U actually don’t lose them if u can log in befor it resets the severs are comming on 1am and they reset at 6 am so if u can log in between that time u’ll get to do ur runs that’s what I did for the last 24 hr maint

but Klapeida is currently under maintenance.

jk…I’m bored at work

Good work, IMC. Glad to see you can handle simple tasks such as displaying when a server is online or offline.