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Just add 3 months wait to transfer to f2p server

By now ya might think. He wants to play this game as eagerly as us. True, here is an idea. A 3 months wait for founders to transfer to f2p server after it releases. Company gets revenue. We get to play, and those that complain about the head start have 3-4 months before they open transfers. Eliminates the the issue with ghost servers worries and op players coming in.

Some critics will say. Well even with this they are still ahead. Drop it. New players start everyday with op players already in the server. Not going to kill the game.

Yeah yeah I know I want to play next week lol.

At least they should let us buy founders to see what they can work with. Or give Founder Betas with benefits.


Did you miss the poll?

what does that^ have to do with the poll on the length of the duration of early access?

you are propousin a real fracture for the comunity

Because the wait time for transferring was brought up a lot before our founder pack choices/poll was released.

I don’t see why we’d need server transfers, and even if we did, I don’t see why we’d need a wait period especially that long.

I doubt 90% of people would even be able to cap within a month.

If the OP was using the older founder pack system as a reference then I’d understand having that massive delay.

oh, okay.

I don’t really understand the need for such a long delay for transferring either, just wondered what it had to do with the poll.

the problem is people from EU or SA after the new area server launch, they “will” migrate for better ping or to play with friends. I think a server transfer is needed, dunno tough. =/

I saw it. My post was a proposal for those that think that the people that start next week will be OP of they transfer on release date to f2p or If the server they playing is already the main server. They coming in to a powerful community.

Is to give the release date people the chance to be in a fresh server. Yet 3 months so founders don’t leave because of ghost server.

If we get to play next week. Founders are bound to that server for 3 months before they can transfer. To let the new people a chance to get familiar etc