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Item discard while equipping gems 15 Jan and NOW 11 Feb 2019 and AFTER Maintenance Didn't get mine item BACK


nah i just wanna ask them like common talk

cuz i know , my item can’t get back anymore ._.


RIP good bye my +16 asio pistol
i’ll miss u forever
15 1 2019


me too
RIP +11 Velcoffee shield + asio shield ichor


imc confirm 100% didn’t back


lucky I was put gem without any trouble,kim so rude


HAHA nothing reply and now

i can’t do anything

just quite and uninstall this game

RIP 1741 Hour for play this game && lost massive item and don’t get mine item back


The big problem is that: they demand too much time to fix thing that makes playing Impossible. I really love this game, so I’ll stay even with a month without my weapon. But I really wish a better suport :frowning:


i love this game too , but staff don’t care free player like me :slight_smile:


OK imc confirm 100% trolling me :slight_smile:


Its been a month without a weapon. Its a very bad situation. The GvG is comingo, please @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan say something about our discard weapon T-T


IMC abandoned us , u know ?

:slight_smile: quite and uninstall come to hug me