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Is there a punchline I'm missing?

Seriously, I know I haven’t been playing for very long, etc etc. But so far here’s what I’ve encountered.

  1. The client takes 2-10 tries to even get it to run (that means pressing play on steam, watching it fail, pressing play, maybe it starts properly etc).
  2. Sometimes for no reason it says “the server is closed” and then I can’t log in for a while.
  3. No shared bank for characters, which is a free feature in every other MMORPG I can think of. All of them. Unless I want to upkeep a “premium” membership. And even then I get ONE slot in the shared bank, unless I spend even more money.
  4. Only 4 character slots, which wouldn’t be too bad if A NON PLAYABLE COMPANION THAT ATTACKS THINGS ONCE THEN RUNS AWAY TAKES UP AN ENTIRE SLOT. Real money to get more.
  5. Dungeons have to be qued right next to the dungeon. So the ridiculously long waits are spent doing absolutely nothing.
  6. Really weird but fairly frequent emergency maintenance to fix game crashing bugs.

I’m just waiting for the game to throw confetti and say “Ha! We totally got you! The real game will be loading in…”

I really want to like this game. I loved RO, and that had some pretty strange stuff to it, but this just seems deliberately terrible. RO was made during the time where the communities were still feeling out what should be standard and what should be a “premium” thing, so I can understand why some things were awkward, and seem really backwards now. And from what I’ve seen I’ve chosen very poorly when it comes to classes as there are countless “RIP Any magic user besides Chronomancer” threads. I don’t want to have a useless class at endgame…

I love the art style, combat, and music, which are things I liked about RO as well, but even though RO is incredibly dated and seems weird compared to modern mmos, I have more fun playing that. I’m on the fence. I don’t know if I should keep playing because it’ll get better or if I should just give up on ever finding something that’s like RO, but more modern/upgraded.

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just be 7% happy u can play :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes it just takes a full minute or two to get it to open, sometimes it’s instant. I don’t know why

Something I hate too, but the shared storage can be expanded for free through collections, you have to work your way through it but most of them are fairly easy except for one (Beginner Armor is hard)

pretty much what most F2P games do to get money right now

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I’ve NEVER had your two first issues. So I guess it’s more an issue depending on some computers, or something ?
Probably would need to look into the forum to see if some people have the same issue and why.

  1. Yes, it’s the worst. Especially knowing Token silver prices will only continue to increas, and I don’t see how a level 50 or 100 new toon could afford a 2M+ item.
    It’s a really needed feature (especially in a game like that trying to convince you to have a lot of characters), it’s really basic, and it should honestly be free. Anyway you only have 1 free spot, so why need a Token for that… ?

  2. Reason why I don’t use pets or mounts. It’s really stupid. They should have just made a separate lodge for pets, with let’s say 2 base slots and you can buy some more with TP, like with characters.
    If your first character is a Hunter/Falconer you already use up 3 of your slots… And I’m sure more and more classes using companions will be introduced.

  3. Better than no fix at all ? XD
    No, but it’s been especially bad lately. I mean we’re used to TOS having quite a lot of bugs, but last time it was that unplayable was quite a while ago… It’s actually surprising they’re trying to fix everything this “fast”.

hi op

its been that way since march…

at this point, bear with it n keep playing tos for god know how long it’ll take for them to fix/improve

or, simply quit. comeback next year would be ok if there is significant changes.

sincerely, yet obligatory, huehuehue~

After 17XX+ hours of playing, I encountered a fatal issue with the game that prevented me from properly playing it. No amount of “Verify Integrity of Game Cache” managed to fix it.

It started with a kick to Lodge (when entering DG). Then kicked to Login Server, then crashed to Desktop. After I relaunched ToS, I got this:

PS: I have never attempted to modify the game to access the KR server(s).

After some random amount of attempts to “Verify Integrity” and the game patching 3 files at exactly 13.6mb all the time. This is what I got to:

So after almost 1800 hours, I am forced to start fresh (game client).

Oddly, the game boots up in one (1) try now, I no longer encounter (Login ID: Error) and a lot of minor issues I had got fixed for whatever reason.

Makes me wonder if ToS stacks trash on itself client-side and it slowly deteriorates like an elderly in a nursing home…

PPS: To any GM that might see this and tell me to “Verify the Game Cache”… too late, I did that already, I resorted to a full re-download and the game works plenty fine, in fact slightly better than before.

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A Lv 50 i can’t say, unless the person is extremely luck and get a glad band, but reaching 90, even with a slim chance, one can get arde dagger or at 115 ledas and valias. But yeah, the restrictions are ridiculous, haven’t proved a thing against bots/RMTers and only drive away potential players/TP buyers.

They could make an stable or something similar, with 3 initial slots, and each extra slot cost 16 TP (half of a char slot).

My wugu and a friend’s main char main quest, the first new one, is bugged, we can’t progress, my wugu have a Dist 8 quest bugged, the magic paper don’t spawn in the ground, my enchanter’s shop close on its own, while others (squire, pardoner…) still open and working and lately, heavy lag spikes through all the server, i thought it was my end, but i did a load of tests, different games but servers in the same or close region to ToS servers and all working fine.

As for speed of fixing, do you mean this fast?

@DiMeowgio Did you take a look at this thread?

Yuff yuff. Plus I was playing just fine prior to it happening.

It probably began after the string of unusual DCs that escalated from Lodge-kicked, to Login-kicked then CTD.

My game is running much better now (brand spanking new). :smiley:

Yeah, sometimes from one big change for another (i used to have the CBT client) the game start to act up, probably some incompatibility or bugged file that don’t parse in the patches, so a complete removal and clean installation fix most of the issues.

Getting IMC’ed is normal procedure for anyone who dares to play TOS.

This is actually not a fatal or corrupted file issue which is why verifying integrity doesn’t work. Its just that SOMEHOW tos client just automatically changed the language used to korean.

I see you’ve already redownloaded tos but I will still put this here just in case it happens again or if anyone gets this error.

Just go to tos folder and open up user.xml in notepad. Look for Language=“kr” and change it back to Language=“English” with an upper case letter E.

The Language="" you’re looking for is in the highlighted line NOT the one below.

If this doesn’t work then just redownload and reinstalling might be your best bet.

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1M istn very much even under lvl 100 o.o.
I´m new too but i Buy a token from tp.
I got 2 Battle Bracelet 2x sissel recipe+stuff to craft it.
my 75 weapon is up to +9 i got the seimos spear for 125 a beetleback and a vube fighter gauntlet with Pawndel gem + some lvl 50 attributes np.
And now i farm the recipe for the 175 Spear :smiley:
Okay maybe im a bit extreme but the point is 1m isnt very much even on low lvl!
(And I got enough dungeon reset voucher to get a arde dagger or at least i hope so :<)

#Where were you when I needed you!


It was better that way really, now my game performs way better, maybe somewhere along the line something got fixed as well. Overall, this is my first major issue (client side) in my near 1800 hrs of playing. :sunny:

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