Iris/Eye Color Modification


Isn’t iris/eye color would make this game richer? the original browny eyes looks empty/dead to me


There is an eye costume in KTOS. I think it’s color purple and a heart shaped contact lens. Though not yet released in ITOS.


whoa good to hear, but a normal modification is enough i think. like blue & green, isnt ToS staying true to reality? like sticking with lithuaninian myth

anw thanks for the info brraahh


No they aren’t really, that was just BS because different skin colors would mean work.
(& I doubt their Korean customer base cares enough about that kind of thing.) :persevere:

heh, anyway if you scroll near the bottom of
you can see the different eye lenses available in kToS !
( yellow, purple, black, red, heart, star )


thanks @yeule ! ill go have a look at it haha


@cryotekno, Soon™