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If I buy Founders pack, will I able to download the game

Is it true that you need to have a beta key to be able to download the game? I want to play the game exactly when the servers are up. But I simply don’t know where to buy the founders pack and where to download the game.

No, you don’t need to have participated in a past CBT to download the game after buying a Founders pack. They’ll post another announcement after the plans are finalized.

The details of how and when you will be able to play the game have not been released yet.

Once it has been decided, there will either be an update to this thread:

Or an update to this announcement:

Or a new announcement in this category: (annoucements :sweat_smile: I never realized they had a typo in their URL before)

Or a combination of the above.

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Or check this:

It seems like there is enough info here to answer the OP’s question. Thank you, I’ll close this thread now.