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I have some questions

I don’t play this game yet, I searched about this game.
and I have some questions.
I am a Japanase, my Eng may wrong, sorry.

  1. if Quick cast’s skill attribute level increases up, magic damage increases too.
    for example, when Quick cast’s skill attriibute is level 5,
    add to magic damege 50%.
    and one more, there is skil attribute. it is reinforce.
    it Increases the damage dealt on an enemy with the skill by 1% per attribute level.

if I use two skill, the first is Quick cast, another is energy volt.
if I take two skill attributes and increase to max(Quick cast’s skill attrirbute is 5 and enegy volt’s skill attribute is 100), what is the damege?

if the original damege is 1000 damege,
the damege result is 3000?(1000×2×1.5)
or, the damege result is 2500?(1000×2×2.5)

  1. is there bend motion? it is not knock back.
    for example, when you receive attack from enemy.

  2. while jumping, are you invincible?
    I heard you are invincible while from top to landing in jumping.
    while be invincivle, can’t you receive some effects?(for example, rasise or stop and so on)

  3. some parts of equipments has elemental property attack or registance.
    for example sun flower(staff), audra(staff) so on.
    they mean to add damege when you attack on the element.
    but do it means addtion or multiplication?
    for example if original damege is 1000, if when a staff is written as fire property attack 50,
    the result damege is 1050? or 1500?

please teach me.

I am pretty sure skill attribute damage (0-100%) and skill damage modifier (e.g. Quick cast 50%) are multiplied seperately, meaning the damage in your example would be 1000 * 2 * 1.5. If you are interested in the full damage formula check this thread.

  1. I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but you will not get knocked back from normal attacks. Attacks will however interrupt spell casting and will briefly stop your characters movement.

  2. While jumping you will be invincible to any ground attacks. You will however still take damage from things like debuffs (dots) and I believe also skills that can hit flying targets, such as Zaibas. You will still be affected by things such as raise and stop as far as I know, but someone could hopefully confirm that.

  3. Elemental damage is added to all attacks and damage skills, regardless of the attacks element. And it is always additive. For example, if you have an Arde Dagger giving +153 fire damage and use the skill Ice Pike at lv5 (367 base damage). Then each hit will deal 367+153 (520) damage.

thank you for explain, your reply is very helpful.

and I read the thread you introdused me.
and I also have some questions.
if you don’t mind, please teach me.

about Quickcast’s skill attribute. the thread was written that Quick cast’s skill attribute is in T2(elemental modifiers).
I guess that if I have a weapon with ice elemantal attack +20, and I take Quick cast’s skill attribute level 5.
then if the base damege is 1000, my ice magic damege is
1800?(1000×1.2×1.5) or 1700? ((1000×(100%×20%×50%) ))

about 1. if I receive attacks from enemies, can’t I move and attack cause of stop of bend motion by relentless enemies attacks.
i am worry, I can’t do anything because of bend motiion.

about 2. while continuing jump I am continuing to avoid from swrod man’s skill?
and can I avoid meteor so on?
I guess some attacks are avoided by continuing jump.
and how avoid are you by raise or stop?
I guess you can’t prevent them if enemy run straight to you.

about 3. why did you say about fire damege and ice skill.
I think you should say with fire damege and fire skill, or ice damege and ice skill.

in addtion, I saw that ice volt and enegy volt and Freezing sphere have +50% elemental damege.
are they really?
Japanase wiki isn’t written about them.

Bonus elemental damage is not percentage based. If you have a weapon with +20 ice elemental attacck, then all your attacks will gain an additional 20 damage, not 20% more damage. Elemental damage is not affected by other damage multiplier as you can see from the damage formula, so in your example the final damage would be 1520 (1000 * 1.5 + 20).

  1. You will be able to move and attack, even if you are being constantly attacked by an enemy. But you might have trouble casting skills with long cast time since damage interrupts your casting. In PvP it is possible to get stunlocked (by certain skill combinations, not auto attacks) if you don’t have any debuff protection, such as the Plague doctor skill “bloodletting”. I’m still not entirely sure what you mean by bend motion, so it wuld be nice if you could find a better translation for that :slight_smile: (crowd control?).

  2. Yes, you can avoid most swordman attacks by continuously jumping, but only about 50% of the time since you will be on the ground about as much as in the air. I have heard that meteor should also be avoidable by jumping, but I haven’t tried it myself. It’s pretty hard to time it. You can avoid things such as stop (and I believe raise) by having debuff immunity (e.g. bloodletting or prophecy).

  3. To answer your question, addition is used. If base damage is 1000 and you have a staff with +50 fire property attack, then the resulting damage will be 1050.

Ice bolt, energy bolt and freezing sphere does not have +50% elemental damage, but all magic damage deal 50% additional damage against enemies with ghost armor, which is probably what you have seen. See the damage chart over here. (Not sure if there is an equvalent on the japanese wiki).

thank you for reply, I’m glad.

sotty, I missed. I wanted to say that if I use a item which is been up ice elemental attack +20% and have Quick cast’s skill attribute level 5. what is the resulting damege?
is it 1800? (1000×1.2×1.5) or 1700? (((1000×((100%×(20%+50%) )) )))

reply to 1. no ‘band motion’ don’t mean crowd control.
it means that it is a chactor’s mothion while be attcked by any attacks (state ailment)
almost games have this. even action, fighting game so on.
whatever, when a player recive any attack by enemy.
the charctor’s motion appears.
what is the stunlocked? it is bad state, right?
if it means that, I didn’t say the mean.

reply to 2. really? if that means that, stop is 1 of bad state level, right?
how is about raise…? I really want to know about it.

I see. then I saw the sentence was wrong.
I know about it of each other equipment or elemental.

I will write two questions on new topic.
if you don’t mind. please reply to me.

and very thank you to reply and explain.

To my knowledge there doesn’t exist any item that increases elemental damage by a percentage as you are describing. But if that is the case I think it would be multiplied, resulting in 1800 (1000 * 1.2 * 1.5).

  1. I’m sorry, I still don’t understand :sob:. I think think the best way is to simply try the game and see for yourself.
    Stunlocked means that your character is unable to move or do any action for an extended amount of time (for example if you get affected by sleep, then get hit by ‘stop’, and then get frozen etc.).

  2. Yes, I’m pretty sure stop is a level 1 status ailment (bad state). Most status ailments are level 1, unless the skill description states otherwise. I haven’t tested raise myself, but I don’t think raise is a status effect so I don’t think it can be avoided.

I see. thank you for reply.

very thanksful.

I think I it should raise is been able to avoid something way.

thank you for many explain and reply. I’m glad to your helpful.

I will play the game in Japanese, but maybe we meet somewhere.