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I got no quests and i did all the quests till now... wat?

After i passed tru the Portal in the Septyni Glen Map (after i freed the Goddes Saule) i find in a map i explored 100% and i did the few quest there.

So, i dont have ANY main quest, i dont know how to make game progression.
I just wonder if it is a bug or i missed something…

You need to grind to level up until your next main quest becomes available.

last question:

is the % of map completition include quests in the map?
I mean i can achieve 100% without doing quest or are they mandatory to get full 100%?

Percentage of map explored is just that - an indicator of map exploration compltetion. It has nothing to do with quests.

As for initial question:

YOu coudl go do orsha questline … which you missed out entirely maybe?

well i started Kaipeida so i dont have quest foor Orsha.
I managed to find myself the quest thxs to the tosa fan database:

i went to the correct map and i started the new mainquest…

you do know if u start in klap, you can go to orsha and level there too?

it’s what i am doing but it feel like a “bug” and it is a bug.