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How does magic attack work?

Ive been wondering about this for a while now. Mainly because atm I have to choose weither to use +30 holy dmg hat or a 24 magic attack hat (lvl122). Of course the combination of both is the final goal but for now, this is all I got for dmg whoring.

Is there any easy way to put this (like X amoutn of magic attack doels Y amount of damage)? Or do I have to get into some hard calculations or just an estimate?

[Guide] Damage formula
"magic seems to work the same, magic amplfication being similar to
crit atk bonus but random. ranging from 15%vrobby~100% the mamp value
so something like:

(matk+skillmatk)-mdef + 15%~100% mamp"

Looks like a can of worms to me D:

The second link is a more up to date version of the first. (in fact, I updated it last a few days ago l0l)

So, just look at the second link, that should clear things up. It’s really not very complicated if you take out all the things that dont matter to you.

Very barebones, using a Z attack or skill with no modifier on a mob with neutral typing (no ghost-armor, element doesnt resist or is weak to), you would just do

(( Magic Attack + Skill Attack ) - Magic Defense ) + Elemental Damage


Use the Holy Damage hat. It’ll increase your rough damage by 6 more than the Magic Attack hat.

Gonna read the link soon but as it seems to be just a flat increase it looks weird. Simole yes but I was hoping for it to have more effect for some reason. Unless int adds more than 1 magic atk.

1 Int = 1 Magic Attack.

just as 1 Str = 1 Physical Attack.

For damage builds, full int is still worth it however, since you get bonus int the more int you have, to the point where full int at max level is like 3-4 Int per actual stat point spent