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How does it work Damage Calculation?

Hi guys!

Somebody knows how does it works?

Im not sure, but… I think:

( Your Physical Defense / Physical Attack’s Enemy ) = Damage Ratio

Damage Ratio * ( Physical Attack’s Enemy - Your Physical Defense ) = Damage Received

I suspect that block works in same logic, what explain the cause of block never hit 100%:
( Block Pen / Block ) = Block Surpass %
Ex: 58 / 700 = 0,082… => 8,2 % of chance chance of overcoming the blockage.
(For 100% => Block >> Block Pen ; Block-> infinity)

What do you think, guys?

[Sorry by bad english]

Alternatively, there’s the thread here on the forums, but both that and the reddit post are by me so they’re really the same thing. There’s no “damage ratio” or anything. Besides situational modifiers it’s really just Attack - Defense :wink: