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HIGH ping makes you play LESS

High ping… First off, what server do you guys play in and where are you from? This has a lot to do with your ping. Try playing in a server that’s closer to you. That might help. IMC is not going to open 20 different servers just to please everyone.

I am playing in Telsiai. I live in Singapore and here is my ping _ (:з」∠)_

I don’t know why the ingame ping is different from cmd check.

im from california, cmd shows my ping to klai is 100 and ping to verana is 200.

but in game, klai has 150- 400 ping while verana has 200-600 ping

lag is obvious from both server

no idea why

First off, what server do you play on? Because the issues people have, have nothing to do with their locations.

PS: if you are going to be overly rude to a valid complaint, atleast try to make a good point doing so.

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Either cheap servers, poor netcoding, or both. Personally I suspect the later. It affects all servers as far as I’m aware.

Klai is somewhere in the east coast and Varena is somewhere in SEA. Location plays a big role in this. But you shouldn’t be lagging in Klai though. It may be the server or the map that you’re in. I’m not getting any lag and I play in Klai.

Ping has nothing to do with location? Are you stupid? I wasn’t trying to be rude. I’m asking these questions because ts’s post wasn’t very detailed. Or maybe he’s talking about FPS which is very different from ping. Please think before you post. It just makes you look stupid when you reply without trying to understand what people are saying.

I’m on east coast, with 100/80 fiber connection, playing on Klai. The lag appears to be server related and not ping or location related. Before the F2P launch, questing and interacting with NPCs and quest objectives was reasonably quick.

Currently, clicking on an NPC or quest objective takes ~8 seconds for the game to respond. Basic attacks have a 1-2 second delay. It seems to get slightly better immediately after maintenance, but then is back within 12 hours.

I am in a similiar boat as a lot of peeps in this thread, 3 of my friends have also already quit due to the lag, and I’m considering doing so as well. This is unacceptable.

Framerate averages 200-300 on all maps.

This lag is getting out of control now, and I can’t even do anything with the latency going unstable and quest not work right.

And here I thought I was just losing my mind. That 2 second delay for quest item drops to register is pretty nice. . . .

Guess we are all on the same boat(at least most of us).

It does not relate to ping, although lately ping is going sky high, even with stable connection, and that is without a doubt related to server instability.
I play on Silute, and since the launch day(with was Before f2p), we began experiencing huge lags/delays.

I was playing today with little, but ok lag, then 10 minutes later it became unplayable. I’ve counted 23 seconds to get a response from an npc, on an empty map.

My ping when testing on cmd is 23ms average.
On the very few moments of stability, I get 40~65 ish ms ingame. Those moments are quite rare and last for a short period.
Most of the time now it goes from 200~2000!

As far as I can see, reading a lot of people complaining, this is affecting a lot of players, if not most of them.

And I won’t even say about other big issues like disconnecting inside dungeons, not being able to enter dungeons with a pre made party…

Servers need to be improved ASAP.

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What Moonspring tried to say is that, besides location, there is actual ping problem in some server like fedimian one.
I had around 30 ms of ping when I was transfered in fedimian but since about a week, the server became really instable and my ping became 200-300.

It’s actually a server problem and not a localisation problem that is happening in Fedimian.

I noticed that lag too and im playing from east coast (Florida) on Orsha so it’s not my location I even reset router and modem thinking it was on my end but its definitely the game server. I think IMC said F this and ninja moved all the servers to KR lol, the lag is almost as bad as when I was playing on KR.

Being rude again? Your commentary was completely useless. You are commenting on a well known issue as tho you actually have a clue.

People who live in the same city where the servers are located, are still experiencing bad, high, unstable ping. So no, naturally location is not the issue here. If you knew anything about the topic before commenting, you would know this.

Please, take your own advice for a moment, and read what you posted before…

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Okay, let me make this clear. Did ts say he’s in the same city as the server? No. So how can you say that? I’m not experiencing any kind of lag and I’m from the other side of the country. Point is, I wouldn’t be asking questions if there was enough information. Do you even get why I asked in the first place? You’re the rude one here. Trying to pick a fight with everyone in the forums. Yep, I’ve seen your posts, weeb.

60% of the population on every server is Bot and a Spammer.

well i play here in Qatar, im playing SEA servers with no problem in any games.

What a twist man, i though 95% of players in this game were bots

Same here. Just doing dungeon rushes and even missions are a PIA to go through especially when most of the time skills are just significantly delayed (charging skills takes ages to be fully charged).

Leveling a Priest to Monk is incredibly painful and the lag that makes my buffs freeze me in animation for long periods of time make it even worse. Hope it’s fixed soon.

Ah, that may be one of the few reasons. Even if IMC fix their servers (assuming there are issues), they cannot fix the delay or lag that comes with high latency. High latency=high ping. I’m not sure when it becomes noticeable, but you must be playing with over 120ms ping if it’s that bad. Try Fedimian’s IP. You might be closer to it. Are your friends playing from Qatar as well?