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Hi i want to transfer my character from Orsha to the Sea server, but i created a team in sea can i still be transfered?

The ping is the same but it isn’t as laggy as the 2 main servers. Maybe because it isn’t flooded

If you created a team in the SEA server but you already had one in either Orsha or Klaipeda you are still eligible for transfer to Telsiai.

If you do get transferred to Telsiai, then your team from Orsha/Klaipeda will replace the one you have in Telsiai.


So when can we transfer?

I’m afraid we still can’t tell for sure when the transfer will happen. We are working on getting it to happen as soon as possible :confounded:


Is it possible to only transfer the Premium Items like the TP and Compensation items @STAFF_Ines? While we are waiting for the Transfer process We’ll make a character in Telsiai is that possible? or does it require for the whole team to get transferred e.g: Klaipeda to Telsiai

Transferring from Klaipeda to Telsiai means your whole team will be transferred, including TP and items.


Does the transfer occur before the early access period ends or after? What are the steps to do to request a server transfer?

While we are working towards making the transfer happen before the early access period ends, we do need some time to try and minimize any issues that could come from it.

We’ll make an official announcement once we have the details sorted out; please understand.

I haven’t used my 60 day Token because I’m not sure if the benefits will be carried over to the new server. So that was a good decision.

Just one question: does the list of what is transferred include Silver, Achievements/Map Completion and Collections too?

Sure thing. Silver, achievements, map completion and collections are transferred along with your team.

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Thanks. That helps to alleviate some concerns my friends are having.

If my friends buy founder’s pack after 15th April but before F2P Grand Opening on 28th April and then play in Klaipeda. Can he request transfer to Telsiai?

Like Fedimian, SEA players who have already started playing on Klaipeda or Orsha servers will be allowed a one-time Team transfer to the upcoming SEA server.

From announcement.

@STAFF_Ethan @Staff_Julie
Thank you. :sunglasses:

Hmmm your friends should still be able to get a server transfer, regardless of when they bought the Founder’s pack.

Hello IMC. Is it possible to just transfer token and TP? Instead of the whole replacing of team because i created a character in Telsilai which i hope not deleted as i spent quite some time in it. All i want now is just to transfer the token and TP to Telsilai. Please let me know if it is possible @STAFF_Ines

I don’t think a partial transfer will be possible, only a full team transfer (including all characters, items, TP, etc.).

Just a quick question:

Will there be a fee for the Team tranfer?
Cause i want to start on Orsha cause a friend started on it.
But after the release we want to tansfer to EU.
How will that work / cost?

You will get one team transfer, which will be free of charge.

Where will b the sea server located?is it now still in US because the ping is still high

@STAFF_Ines Then is it possible to stash my TP items within account? Like transfer all the EXP tomes i have to another account within the same server?

Sorry in advance for necro reply

Can we have a full 100% confirmation on the planned team transfer?

I’m worried and confused because of this