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GvG Weekly Ranking Rewards

May I know who are these guys you are talking about? :slight_smile:
Your statement might cause misunderstandings and dramas.

It’s like saying every guild who is currently at the 1st/2nd/3rd rank is exploiter, cheater, etc, which is not the case.

But I hope our guild can receive our rewards soon.

I hope you dont, cheater.

Every single GM and even Kim Hakkyu himself (that’d be a great honor) can always spectate every single of my guild’s match if it’s needed, or even check the log of our character’s activities in the game to confirm whether we are “cheaters” or not.

And I can call out every single guild leader in our region who has fought against us at least once in GvG to give their testimony whether we were cheating against them or not.

Afer all that, if you still think that we “manipulate” the results of battle, then form your own guild, collect the best people you can get from the region, and fight us, and find out for yourself whether we crush you by “cheating” or not. :yum:

But of course, I heard some rumours that there are guilds out there who actually farm 1 man guild in order to get more wins. But rumours are still rumours and I don’t think there is a guild like that in Klaipeda-Orsha.


LOL why are so angry and salty with 0 proofs of a video.Your all bark and no bite :joy: like the rest of your cheerleaders.

All this talk about cheaters yet you and the other haven’t showed anything or name the players or guilds who are cheating.So your salty about players making you feel that no matter what you do,you will always lose.

Show us the cheaters and the proofs or else your just one those FAN haters,QQ,sore losers and ragers that can stand others being better than you and must justify it by calling them cheaters or no life LMAO and whine about it in the forums.

Because god forbid a legit guild or player that is way more superior than you in every way must be cheating.

Answer this question

How can players/teams/guilds that are legit be the best in a game without people accusing them of cheating?

Should they take their opponents lightly and give them some chances so the fight will look equal?

Or should they lose on purpose to give theirs enemies hope?

I really want your answer and others can answer it also because by the looks of it,whoever is number one they must be cheating.

So if @renanforsaken2 or the guild that he/she is in must be cheating because they are number 1 and the best on the server.Because is there no way in hell that people can be number one without cheating… it’s impossible.

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I dont know how it is in other servers, but here in SILUTE, the GvG are pretty ■■■■ right now. After 2 weeks I think there was no match with all players. In one battle half of the other guild, the one against us, got stucked at tower and we just killed’em to win, its stupid.

have you seen the desu vs cute clover and w/e thread? they have caught each other hacking up a storm

these are just the ones caught on video

i would question everything at this point

to top it all off a guy who made a hackers forum and hacks literally advertised that he is selling subscriptions on our forums and imc didnt do ■■■■ all about it

i wouldn’t be surprised if imc finally does do a ban wave and the population dies to 5000

or they just choose to keep there miniscule population and just let exploiters be

game run by hackers, everyone gets an exploit

its literally been months of this crap

this game is so done lol

theres no way in hell they are going to fix this

Again Desu is not the top guild so he is not referring to them.Look at the GvG leaderboard.I have seen them all but that wasn’t the actual GvG that IMC implemented.It was that week war between guys but @renanforsaken2 is talking about the refine GvG.

doesnt matter who is the top guild

everyone has access to hacks and they are literally everywhere right now

everyone is guilty until proven innocent when its this bad

people could have abused hacks/exploits to get silver and max atributes and gear and world boss drops and w/e

they should turn off rewards for any pvp things until they fix there giant ball of crap they have made or else they are just rewarding imbalance and exploits

That’s is why I’m asking proof of Guilds or players cheating on the new GvG mode.

So far nothing…so…

IMC will investigate who is legit and who is not and award the one’s who didn’t cheat and that are on top GvG guild that won first place/second place and so on.
We will get the rewards they are just going to be delayed so i wouldn’t worry XD and plus we will get the talts reward as well can’t wait.

No, you wont. Give up, you dont diserve it and will not have it.

Go put real money into the game instead ask for free tp.

The max you can have is some talts.

Sorry man you feel that way but were going to get it, talts and TP lol.I hope you know that

1- You don’t know what guild nor server I am in
2- You got no proof
3- It’s a video game why are you so mad and salty LMAO

I wonder what server and guild your in…just curious

Im inside the number 1 guild here in Silute. All i can say is the game will shut down if they give free tp for those few players who are still playing this game.

You’re getting off topic. Question is - what about TP chests?

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IMC where are our rewards?


Are you still the mascot of [Crimson] ? just asking :stuck_out_tongue:

What happen to that guild called Xen…?
You @Sekundes quitted after the Kino changes and Cryo changes because I don’t see you anymore.:sweat:

@GM_Sebastian Can we get some answers here wtf?

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this is what makes mall mess.
you shouldnt give FREE TP as reward.
should give something else mats or whatever

last time i see IMC put “Temporary” in a News

its been like almost na year and still nothing.

weren’t you the guy who was complaining about big guilds bugging and said to create your own guild and win-trade? That’s pretty, dude.