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Got the ledas shield, should I get arde dagger?

So I’m going chaplain, nearly there. Just got the ledas shield and its been working out great.

I have enough money to get the arde dagger (no luck in the dungeon) Is it worthwhile for me to get it?
Or is ledas shield just as good? i know it has less dmg but it does have some nice defensive stats.

If you got the Ledas you don’t need arde. Yeah it has roughly 50 more property on it, but it won’t feel as impactful if you switched to it. Save your money :o

Cheers, would you know what set to aim for at later levels? i assume i don’t keep wearing the 15 set at 200 xD

As a chaplain? A lv200 chaplain w arde and cafrisun ain’t rare

The monster damage levels will really start to hit you hard if you keep cafrisun after 170.

I would recommend
Roxona Plate Gauntlets (+1 AOE ratio)
Tyla Greaves
Legwyn Family plate pants
Tyla plate armor

This will boost your defense significantly which will synergize with your aspersion. For reference, Wendigo Searchers would be hitting me for 2k damage with cafrisun, now they hit me for 500-700.

Are those $$ stuff?
'cos I’d like them for my Monk too…

The roxona plate gloves are the only real expensive piece. For monk you don’t need them as much, I would go for more of a +STAM set up.

Roxona Plate Boots are more important for monks due to the +22 stam bonus and high defense.

From there, you can use 3-piece Earth Plate set for the +stam bonus, or go for higher level +defense items like the Tyla Set, which you get from quests in the 170 areas.

Since you will be up in the face of most mobs, having high defense is important as well as a high plate mastery attribute.

So, I guess I don’t understand how Defense works in this game.
I thought +0 Cafrisun set would give 21 Defense, and a +15 set of yours would be 362 Defense.

If I got those numbers right, can you help me figure out how 341 (Or less, cause I assume your not actually using +15 top/bottom) defense drops your incoming damage by 1300~1500?

I thought each point in defense was a flat reduction. (Like how attack is a flat increase)
Or is the enemy hitting you with a multi-hit skill where your defense is being applied repeatedly, and your just saying the total damage reduction?

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Maybe they lowered wendigo searchers damage since the betas, but my understanding is that defense is flat reduction in damage. Taking iCBT2 knowledge and comparing to now may be a fit faulty.

My Aspersion is also 10 which is a +38% increase in physical defense.

Either way, defense, while irrelevant in earlier levels, starts to matter much more later on when every hit has the potential of doing massive damage. Even if it is just a flat ~300 decrease it is worth it.

Thanks for the reply and info, would you also know what weapon and offhand to get?

right now I’m using Vaila and ledas shield.
I generally prefer shields over dagger, But i heard the 170 dagger is really good ( is there a shield thats good too later levels?)

I assume there would be lots of fancy mace later levels too :slight_smile:

Valia + Ledas will carry you for a while. I am 178 and using Valia + Arde.

The only upgrade to Valia worth using right now is Catacombs Club, and the recipe drops off the 200 dungeon.

Dagger is fine, but I would not stress it if you already have a Ledas. Being able to block things outside of stone skin is nice.

cheers, well that’s good that the ledas does fine. Just not a fan of the dagger interms of looks xD

Well glad that Valia will last me a while. Really appreciate the info :slight_smile:

np, hit me up in game if you have any questions. Team name is what you would expect.

(if you are on Klaipeda)

I would add that the Knight armor and leggings are pretty great as well, as they have the highest defense out of the 170 equipment items. (including Roxona, altho it does lack the 6CON on the top)

They arent too expensive (50-100k in my experience, on Orsha) , but the recipes are dropped at 210+ areas, so they arent on the market very often.

Check out this tread and see where defence is places in formula.
If you are attacked by a simple attacks it’s flat, but if there are many multipliers - your defence becomes more effective. Also defence is a killer of multi-hit attacks.

Are you trading this ledas shield?
I’m from orsha and looking for this shield

The item is untradable.