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Good dps circles to complement a rode 2 slithering tank?

Hi guys. My build so far is sword > pelt > hop > rode > rode c2. Looking to add two damage dealing circles to help hold aggro, and for general solo purposes. Should be able to work with spear + shield when tanking, so fencer and corsair are out of the question.

Considering the available options, it’s either a combination of two of these circles.

Hoplite c2: spear lunge & lvl 10 finestra
Rodelero c3: shooting star & high kick
Doppel c1: deeds & cyclone
Dragoon c1: 4 more attack skills
Shinobi: burst damage (not sure if too fragile for a tank)

Or Hoplite c3 for a spear lunge, 0 cool down spear throw, and max finestra.

What would you guys suggest for best dps? For PVE and bossing. Thanks in advance.

I think HOP C2 > SHI C1 is the best option you have for PvE and Bossing.

A spear lunge + kunai burst option…interesting. So that’s essentially the standard shinobi hop-sair build, just that the corsair is subbed out for rodelero. Certainly sounds viable. As an off-tank shinobi build, any idea how deeds-boosted kunai compares with spear-lunge boosted kunai? If the difference isn’t much, having cyclone sounds useful.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. Guess I’ll start camping for the flower.

Fencer is pretty popular.

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Disclaimer: I haven’t played the game yet so I might be highly misinformed.

See these discussions for reference.

You can do some maths and check which is better. But it is obvious that Deeds of Valor wouldn’t be better in “bursting” than Spear Lunge. Though it would be better for other situations.

Id say rode 3 and doppel 1 will add the most, as doppel brings not only cyclone but mordshlag too which is strike so is scaled by your strike damage bonuses.

Edit: but as someone pointed out since you have rode 2 and a hoplite 1 you can go hoplite 2 and shinobi for spear lunge/ kunai + bunshin combo.

you limited your choice going hop 1 so hop 2 or shinobi… it will be odd.