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Give Baubas Cave more channels

Baubas cave is the most popular farming map due to silver income. We fellow players want to be able to farm comfortably while not interrupting other fellow farmers. That’s why I personally write this down to beg you to increase baubas channel number to 4-6 channels. There are currently over 10 basecamps per channel, so you can imagine how contested farming baubas is.

Thank you for your attention. @STAFF_William


Why do people still farm Baubas instead of Irredian? Does it give more silver per hour or is it just because it takes less investment to oneshot mobs with an SR?

well, lets make the party the more the merrier

I dont think that its good for bots because every 30-50 mins there is a Curse deduff that instantly kill you…can macro handle that?

What I would like is IMC make 5min cooldown on camp teleport or ban camp setup in Baubas for good. Those thing are cancer and abusive.

Baubas mobs have 80% chance to drop silver, while Irredian’s have 50%. All the other item drop rates are the same on both Baubas and Irredian, so there is no reason to farm Irredian.

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700k instant silver in 10 mins worth doing?

IMO camp teleport is fine, as long as it’s just 1 camp. I have tried farming there since i’m returned and i have met a character with 4 camp to teleport. So, whenever i move to other spot, he already there, that way seems unfair and kinda like he is having multi-account just for the purpose of camp teleport and conquer the spots, isn’t it just like abusing?

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it’s stupid and abusive. I met one in Telsiai Ch2, name GEDHENG, he harass anyone with his super party camp teleport skill until they leave the spot for him alone.

Ah, we talked about the same person then. His team name is GEDHANK and if you notice his camps are : BELIMBING, GODHONG, CRISPY RENDANG and maybe STROBERI

No you can’t, He have 4 camps and whenever he sees you walk to other spot, he camp warp to that spot immediately, and while you walk he kills the mob in the spot you’re going for, when you arrived the mobs are almost dead.

I mean if we gonna push IMC to open 8 channels we might as well address this problem. Each party/account should only allowed to have 1 camp to warp.

adding channel is good idea or

maybe, IMC should put some restrictions in Hunting Ground maps like camp teleport cooldown

the persons you mention is controlling most populated mob spot in baubas… this is annoying…

fast teleporting is ABUSIVE

that team name… is indonesian local language about fruit and food. Try to screencapture and report it in forum, or record a video of his true behaviour

They could also just improve the drop rates for other hunting ground maps like Irredian, perhaps remove the Irredian recipe drops that keep filling all your inventory space and can’t be sold or merged to gems. Maybe even change the requirements to craft the Abyss and Cevisa sets.

To be exact it’s javanese local languange, yes i already got the video, currently uploading it on youtube and will make a thread later.

the saddest thing is someone brag about it in youtube comment

cancer! I actually have theory that this guy is Gaming Hardcore himself. “GH” = GodHong? GedHank? and did you notice Gaming Hardcore make a video on CH2 Baubas, but the guy isn’t there? I have never see that place empty but for some reason during the video record, the hogger isn’t there. What a coincidence…

Back to the issue, give more channel on Baubas, and make camp teleport have 10-15min cooldown, just like that warping stone.

i can assure you gaming hardcore isnt gedhank. His teamname is hardcore777.

some retards use 5 basecamps, cuz they suck ■■■■. With 1 base camp and Pyro Chrono I make 1milion silver/10minutes. Gotta get used to the route and jumping zones with teleport, but baubas is best silver farming spot in the entire game.

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