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Gems used for pure tanks

So I’m going S1>Pel2>Rold3>Temp.

I’m also rolling mostly Con and a little bit of Str. I maxed my strength at 25, so 14 points.

What gems would you suggest, HP/Def type gems? Because I don’t see how any attack/crit gems will make up for my my loss of damage I might as well be more tankier, right?

just put nothing or a red gem on your weapon, there are no tanky ones.

There are gems that increase HP, Physical/Magical Defense. I’d consider those tanky, or things a tank wants in terms of the rest of the stats on the gems.

In the weapon I’d put in Phys. Attack (red), or Crit Rate +.

Body I’d get HP/physical defense, shoes Mdef., hands can be accuracy or sp recovery, and pants I’d stack more HP.

Level 5 gems, roasted, should provide some decent bonuses.

You might not think there’d be much difference with red gems in you weapon but every bit helps when you factor in priest buffs as well. It’ll make easier leveling in the early levels.

You pretty much have what I was going to do. My only decision was for Top and bottom, instead of both red, one gets a yellow for Phy def, or is it not worth it?

Hmm I think phys def is fine for it, but I’m not 100% sure but I think defense is a flat # reduction rather than a scaling thing. So while it’s useful, of course, I think HP might be better. But I’m not 100% sure on that formula.

@_@ uh here’s some information that might be useful!

the magic defence only increases on stat per level i think, not really worth it. hp or evasion should be better on your boots.

It looks like you’re right, it only increases by one point per level. So would you go with flat hp, or hp recovery?

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