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Friend system questions

I got a few questions about the friend system in this game since I am not at all familiar with it in this game. These questions are mostly for those who played the betas, kTOS or for staff members.

  1. First of all, is there even a friend system? If so, how does it work?
  2. Is the friend system mutual? i.e. Does the other person need to accept my friend request or is he in my friend list when I add him, regardless of what he does or says?
  3. Is the friend system account bound? i.e. Do you need to add every character individually like in RO or is just one character enough?
  4. Is the friend system server bound? i.e. If I add a friend on one server, is he also in my friend list on a different server?

Thanks in advance!

also here is an in-game help section by pressing F10 if I remember correctly that gives you tips…

I think the friend list is bound to the character like ro… will know when I get to play the game in April xD

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  1. Yes. You can see ur friend’s level and location if I didn;t remember wrong…

  2. He will appear in ur friend list when u add him (but just a name ), u have to wait for him to accept ur friend request to fully show up in ur list (for level & location and character pic)

  3. IF I DIDNT REMEMBER WRONG :joy: I think u add friend with their team name so u can just see what character they’re playing right now in ur buddy list. So actually u’re adding their team name not character name… so no matter what you log in to which character u will still see ur buddy

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Thanks! That’s all pretty good news! Now hopefully someone will have the answer to question 4 for me

I think you can also see their last log or how long they are offline.

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I don’t think it’s server bound :confused:
they’re …different server… so…

now i’m not sure bout the server bound thing :neutral_face:

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